Skip’s Tavern Reborn as The Lucky Horseshoe

Formerly Skip's, Now Lucky Horse Shoe

Formerly Skip's, Now Lucky Horse Shoe

Formerly Skip's, Now Lucky Horse Shoe
In the grand tradition of velvet-rope stagecraft and buzz-building, the new owner of the former Skip’s Tavern on Cortland opened her doors for the first time during last night’s Summer Solstice Stroll to give the neighborhood a sneak preview of what’s to come.

Construction is still underway, and proprietor Lisa Marie told Bernalwood that the bar will officially open on Saturday. Meet Lisa (with apologies for the sub-par pic):

Formerly Skip's, Now Lucky Horse ShoeThe plan, she says, is to install some additional acoustic insulation, with an eye toward securing the coveted entertainment license that’s required to offer live music (again). More details as we get them, but in the meantime, Christopher over at Mundohood is also excited about Lisa’s plans to offer specialty and seasonal beers.

UPDATE: There are new updates about what makes the new Lucky Horseshoe promising, and old reminiscences about what made the Old Skip’s great (not necessarily in that order) over at Mundohood. Check it.

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6 thoughts on “Skip’s Tavern Reborn as The Lucky Horseshoe

  1. Resurrected! Easter comes to pagan Bernal Heights! Joking, of course. @csconway also updated the original post on Mundohood about the new bar with more pictures and musings about the bar resurrection.

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  3. Just thinking about the old Skips … all those thugs standing around outside blocking the sidewalk while they smoke, leer, and menace Bernal residents. I doubt it’s the live music the neighbors oppose.

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  6. I LOVED THE PEOPLE that went to the old SKIP’s and the MUSIC back in days of Reggie H. I would drive from Pittsburg no SUNDAYS & MONDAYS for the jams. Reggie was the grates as well as all the outher musicans that made SKIP’S so loved. I hope that the Lucky Horseshoe has the same VIB and good people.LOL, R.Garner now in Douglas, AZ.

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