There Is a Glamorous New Mini-Park on Bernal Hill

Vista Pointe

Contrary to the way it may appear, that spiffy area of freshly landscaped land on the northeast corner of Bernal Hill (on Bernal Heights Boulevard between Carver and Bradford) is NOT part of the new house that sits right behind it.


Rather, it’s a new public park on public land created by a group of volunteers called Friends of Bernal Gardens. The project is called Vista Pointe Gardens, and after months of unpaid hard work, the build-out is complete.

Readers who are not native to Bernalwood might be forgiven for saying, “Yeah. Cute. Nice lanscaping. Whatever.”

That would be a mistake, however, because the locals all know the tip: Our new Vista Pointe offers a multi-billion dollar view of downtown San Francisco, in a comfy parquito that will provide a nice alternative to the unmanicured wilds of Bernal Hill. Put another way, this is a superb new location for simple picnics, sunset Happy Hours, or hipster weddings.


So Vista Pointe is pretty fabulous. Savor it, enjoy the view, protect it, and THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this happen.

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Hat Tip: @MrCleanSF

10 thoughts on “There Is a Glamorous New Mini-Park on Bernal Hill

  1. What a nice thing to get to enjoy. Thanks to all of those that made this lovely corner possible.

  2. Check out the marvelous volunteer landscaping by Marty Combs (of Elsie 200 Block) along the Eugenia Steps between Winfield & Prospect. Currently in bloom and awaiting your appreciation.

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