Bernal Residents Will Want for Slurpees No More


Though glamorous, Bernalwood is a small place. But we do not suffer here: We’ve got stunning views, amazing sushi, internationally recognized butchers, yummy piroshkis, hand-crafted cocktails… and all the amenities that befit a neighborhood of our haughty stature and global renown.

We’ve pretty much got it all… except for Slurpees.

Alas, there is currently no place for Bernalwoodians to go to get that distinctive Slurpee mix of semifrozen water, high-fructose corn syrup, and searing cranial pain. That will soon change, thanks to the kingpins at 7-Eleven, who have seen fit to endow us with a 7-Eleven store of our very own! (So long as we don’t mind sharing it with the Vassals of La Lengua.)

The new 7-Eleven will join our neighborhood on Mission Street at 30th. Apart from Slurpees, they will also sell inexpensive hot dogs, taquitos in several unholy flavors, and Big Gulp fountain drinks served in cups so large that many Bernal residents will be able to repurpose them for use as above-ground swimming pools. Woo-hoo!

PHOTOS: Top, Slurpee mosaic by Tom Magliery Bottom, Reader Colette. 

8 thoughts on “Bernal Residents Will Want for Slurpees No More

  1. yay, now you can grab quick slurpee before catching the 24 for a ride back up to Cortland st.
    if only we could then walk down to a 30th st. bart station….

  2. I thought the neighbors were against this 7-11. I’m surprised to see that it is being built anyway. What happened, neighbors? Were there not enough anti-7-11ers speaking out? I am dismayed.

    But I really like that slurpee collage! Well done.
    Sooo if we can now have this kind of business in our neighborhood, can I open up a DQ, too? A Mr. Misty is way better than a slurpee, IMHO.

    • Right on, I was actually just thinking EXACTLY THE SAME THING as I drove by that corner yesterday evening. Wishing hard that SF had a DQ.

      Also: it’s all about the Mister Misty FREEZE, where they add ice-cream and blend it up. Oh-so-good.

      • Can nobody appreciate the simplicity of a Dilly Bar? Sheesh. 🙂 DQ was quite the treat for me growing up, something you could only get on trips to grandma’s out of state, since us kids were stuck with terrible things like Its-Its. Greener grass…
        Wonder how Walgreens business will be affected actually…

  3. or just like one of those new yogurt places, with just a wall of slurpee machines and thats it, maybe gas too but out of separate pumps.

  4. A bit of neighbourhood trivia … I’m pretty sure that this was the gas station featured in the first series of TopChef. The cheftestants had to create something haute out of gas station delights. I think about that every time I go past.

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