Microsoft’s Maps Create Bernal Heights for Cubists

So, Google Maps Street View continues to treat Bernal Heights as an Island of Invisibility (or, the best-kept secret on the Interwebs).

But things are very different over at Microsoft’s Bing, where the streets of Bernalwood are well represented. Here’s Bing’s coverage area:

Comprehensive! And as an added bonus, Bing offers a clever(ish) system called Streetside that compiles street-level imagery into a continuous collage that sort-of, kind-of replicates the experience of walking down the street… if you happened to be walking down the street with a Robotic Cubist.

For example, this is Alabama, looking at the eastern end of Precita Park (click to embiggen):

And here is College Ave. near Murray:

Pretty neat. Try it yourself.

4 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Maps Create Bernal Heights for Cubists

  1. I find it annoying that Google Maps also labels Bernal with the fairly new “La Lengua” name. If the tongue folks want their own neighborhood that’s cool, but don’t slap your label right on the top of Bernal Hill.

    The fact that La Lengua made it’s way to Google Maps so quickly sounds a little fishy to me, I suspect, but have no proof, there’s a Google employee living in the tongue. Who knows, maybe the same person is responsible for Google’s lack of Bernal respect when it comes to street view. I tell you, there’s a conspiracy of epic proportions here, we must get to the bottom of it or we’re all doomed. It’s the tongue versus Bernal guys, prepare for battle for Winter isn’t Leaving.

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