A Rare Eye-to-Eye Encounter with Bernal Hill

Bernal Hill from the blue water tower

The citizens of Bernalwood are used to looking down on the rest of the City — quite literally. Our exalted altitude gives us a lofty perspective, so this fab photo is pretty unique: It’s an eye-to-eye view of Bernal’s southern face, taken from the big blue water tower in McLaren Park.

It’s rare to see Bernal Hill set against a backdrop of downtown high-rises, but I must say, this view is quite flattering to our profile.

UPDATE 1:04 pm

Photographer Jean Pedigo writes:

Just saw the great shot on the blog of the city and beyond with the hill from McLaren…reminded me of this one I took last Spring with my point and shoot while driving through the park for the first time.  It was so cool to see our hill from that vantage point!

PHOTO: Top, scathac1961. Below, Jean Pedigo

4 thoughts on “A Rare Eye-to-Eye Encounter with Bernal Hill

  1. Beautiful shot. It also shows the extent of erosion eating away at the top of the hill. Are there any official measures in place to preserve our beloved hilltop?

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