Yum! Celebrate the One Year Anniversary of 331 Cortland

331 Cortland
True confession: It took me a while to clue in to what’s going on at the 331 Cortland food market. It’s basically six gourmet kiosks congregated under one roof, but there’s more to the concept than just fancy food; 331 Cortland also acts as a kind of incubator for budding food entrepreneurs who want to get a start in the business with lower risk and relatively lower cost. They build their businesses, and we get to taste the R&D. Very cool.

331 Cortland is marking its First Anniversary this week, and you can join the celebration during an open house party on Friday evening, April 22, from 6 to 9 pm. There will also be a series of classes and presentations on Saturday the 23rd, beginning at 12 noon. Check out the complete schedule.

Meanwhile, Tablehopper brings a tasty status report on the 331 Cortland Class of 2011:

The one-year mark comes with some changes too as both El Porteño Empanadas and ICHI Sushi are ready to move on from the small business incubator site. El Porteño will focus on expanding their market presence at the Ferry Building and in Whole Foods Markets, while ICHI is busy with their new sushi bar.

Within the space, Paulie’s Pickling and Bernal Cutlery will be expanding their kiosks. Bernal Cutlery plans to offer a larger inventory of knives, and Paulie’s Pickling will increase their sandwich offerings (they’ve already grown from 4 to 12 sandwiches, including “Bernalogna” and beef brisket) and will add new items, like cookies from Debbie Does Dinner and rugelach from Black Jet Bakery. By the way, you can also nab Paulie’s pickles at Whole Foods Market on Haight, Home Restaurant, Smoke BBQ, Lilah Belle’s, The Liberty Café, and a couple local bars (The Dogpatch Saloon, Marlena’s, Stray Bar, and Wild Side West).

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

2 thoughts on “Yum! Celebrate the One Year Anniversary of 331 Cortland

  1. I have been wondering why this place hasn’t gotten more press/pixels/publicity of any kind since it opened. I saw it drift by a few food blogs when it opened, but maybe I haven’t been tuned in since then? Or maybe that’s a good thing? Wouldn’t think so for them…

    Bernal Cutlery is awesome, and I’ve had tasty goodies from Wholesome. Hope to see more buzz on this sweet place!

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