Want a Tree in Front of Your South Bernal Home?

boss & youth clearing root crown 1

The green-thumbs at Friends of the Urban Forest are on one of their tree-planting sprees. If you live in South Bernal, and want to get a tree planted (for cheeeeep!) in front of your home, here’s the tip:

Friends of the Urban Forest is working to get enough commitments to plant trees to enable us to have a tree planting in South Bernal Heights neighborhood and in almost every other area of the City.

When we get up to 30 trees committed by property owners we’ll be able to schedule a community tree planting. Your neighborhood currently has 8 trees signed up to plant. Can you help create the necessary demand? In so doing you will create a legacy right here in our “front yards” — one that can be enjoyed by yourself and the children and grandchildren of the neighborhood. And at just $75 for the tree and periodic maintenance for 3 years the price is a real bargain.

Research shows that trees increase property values, help the environment and improve our quality of life in many ways. So please plant a tree in front of your house or talk with neighbors or local business about planting one (or two) in front of their property! If you know the owner of a site that could plant several trees please let me know — we would love to help them start reaping the benefits of having trees. Plantings are fun and literally bring neighborhoods together.

What FUF Offers:

Our $75 tree planting package includes:
– Concrete Removal (if needed)
– Tree and periodic maintenance for 3 years
– Tree planting (as part of a community planting)
– Staking/Support
– Permit

For more information contact me:

Doug Lybeck
Friends of the Urban Forest
Community Outreach Manager
415-268-0773 or douglybeck@FUF.net

PHOTO: A 2008 tree-planting in Bernalwood, by Friends of the Urban Forest 

3 thoughts on “Want a Tree in Front of Your South Bernal Home?

  1. It’s a great program! In the early ’90s I lived in Bernal, and I organized our neighbors to get trees planted around the 400 block of Banks Street (I lived in the pink house on that block). They’re nice and big now, a definite improvement to the area! It’s a great — yet simple — thing to do for your neighborhood, so I encourage you to participate.

  2. i just filled out the ‘request a FUF tree’ form on their site. we’d love a tree on our sidewalk front yard! we recently moved in on moultrie street, and we’d love to see more trees on our block. 🙂

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