Talk to Your Police Captain at SFPD’s Ingleside Station, Tonight

Police Telephone

Have a crime or public nusiance concern? Want to talk directly to our precinct’s top cop? Then you may want to attend the community meeting tonight at 7 pm at the SFPD’s Ingleside Station.

From the Bernalsafe mailing list:

The monthly community meeting at Ingleside Station is tonight, Tuesday, at 7pm. I encourage folks to attend since Bernal is often underrepresented. Last month, there were maybe 12 people total, so you can express your concerns directly to the captain very easily.

The information is here. The community room is to your left as you walk towards the main building.

(Ingelside Station address and directions right here.)

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

4 thoughts on “Talk to Your Police Captain at SFPD’s Ingleside Station, Tonight

  1. As a total aside: Has anyone ever seen in one of these boxes? What is in them? Is it just a telephone? Are they still active?

    I’ve seen inside the FIRE boxes, and they are fascinating. Each one of them actually has a TELEGRAPH in them. What happens is that you pull down on the fire alarm, and releases a spring-loaded brass wheel that has a series of notches cut into the edge. Each wheel/set of notches is unique and corresponds to a specific location. The wheel spins, the notches correspond to the signal sent down the line (via, I am assuming, Morse Code? But I am not certain?) to… somewhere? Is it the Hall of Justice? Where is the central fire-dept dispatch?

    But what is extra-special-cool, in my opinion, is that each of them (at least the old ones) ALSO has a manual telegraph key in them. So that, back in the day, specific messages could be telegraphed back to central dispatch. Not sure whether or not it was a two-way communications system, or only one-way, however. Anyone know the answer to that?

  2. Hate to be a stickler, but the title is a bit misleading.

    Our current Police Chief, “Interim Chief” Jeff Godown, will not be present. Our Ingleside Captain, Louis A. Cassanego, will be there. Like our current U.S. Senator, most cops are very alert to the nuances of rank, so I wouldn’t want any of us representin’ Bernal and calling the Captain “Chief”.

    If you’ve ever been pulled over on your bike for a red light and had a cop just completely go off reading you the riot act while you stand there thinking “why???!” and then suddenly you notice the Sergeant’s strips on his sleeve, you know what I’m talking about.

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