Good News for Sushi Lovers in Bernal Heights

Blue Saba

7×7 Magazine has answered a question I’ve been wondering about: In light of the crisis at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, should we be concerned about where our sushi comes from?

Happily, if you get your sushi at Ichi Sushi on Mission, you probably don’t need to worry:

When the Fukushima nuclear crisis — now ranked at level 7 —  banned certain Japanese exports, we all wondered what effect the disaster would have on something San Franciscans love to eat: sushi. Henry Icinose of San Francisco’s ABS Seafood Inc., the fish supplier to ICHI Sushi in Bernal Heights, tells 7×7 that most of the fish his company purchases comes from the Fukuoka area of Japan, far south of Fukushima, below Tokyo and Sendai. “To put it into perspective,” he tells us, “the distance from Sendai to Fukuoka is roughly the equivalent of Seattle to San Francisco.” Ichinose also says that the radiation levels in fish are checked every 6 hours in Japan, and that the FDA is closely monitoring imports from Japan, including seafood from areas other than of the Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tochigi and Gunma prefectures.

PHOTO: Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, by Telstar Logistics

2 thoughts on “Good News for Sushi Lovers in Bernal Heights

  1. This is good news – Ichi is great and they focus on sustainable fish – not too many places have such a thoughtful owner. Fight the tyranny of tuna!

  2. I would hardly call them “sustainable.” Their menu is full of items on the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch “avoid” list.

    Try Tataki South, over on Church near 29th St. They even put out the seafood watch cards on the table so you can take one.

    (I have no connection to Tataki; I just want the fish to stay around.)

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