Is This Bernal’s (Second) Most Dangerous Intersection?

Does Mission and Ceasar Chavez (still Army street to me) count as Bernal Heights? Technically, yes, and that’s a very treacherous place to cross the street. So where’s the second- most dangerous intersection? Suprise: Cortland Avenue (that’s what it’s called, btw) and Anderson. Yup that’s right.

12 thoughts on “Is This Bernal’s (Second) Most Dangerous Intersection?

  1. i’m also puzzled by those tiny “sidewalks” between ramps …. they create a hazard for anyone not paying attention f.i. kids

  2. I hate that damn thing! I have, however, become very adept at stepping over it without having to turn my gaze away from my iPhone while I’m carrying take-out home from Tacos Los Altos.

  3. To answer your question: No, it does not count as Bernal Heights.

  4. Wow, I have never noticed those little corner kerbs, that yeah, that is absurd! It is like something that is specifically designed to trip you.

  5. ok, full disclosure time, I made this video last June and it’s been that way up until today. The posting of it to Bernalwood the same day it was fixed was just a happy accident.

  6. If I recall correctly, back when I was growing up in the late 70’s Anderson was a bit dangerous and not for the sidewalks. The Sons of Hawaii Motorcycle club used to live in one of the homes on Anderson. Have no clue when they moved out.

    • I lived at 281 Anderson St across from the Sons of Hawaii’s yellow and black club house in the early 1980’s. They were loud and liked to party but kept the homes on the street safe from being burglarized since this was their turf. Some of the members I liked, some I didn’t. I was told in the late 1980’s after I moved to Noe Valley that Sonny the president was shot to death in a fight in Oakland. Sonny was respectful of his neighbors and I liked the man. I moved back to Bernal Heights in 1989 and read the clubhouse was raided by the police when a SOH member pointed a gun at the Sheriff of San Francisco county who recently purchased a house just up the street while he was standing by in his living room window. The club faded out soon after that incident.

      • I lived next door to the Sons of Hawaii in ’87/’88; Sonny was still around. Yep, noisy once a year when they threw their big party, but otherwise very quiet, and there was no crime on Anderson St, with Sherrif Mike Hennessey across the street too! We all got along fine…I rode old British bikes, which they liked.

  7. Ah man, my kids love that thing. They call it an island and bicker and fight over who gets to be on it first. Good thing they still have em on Elsie and Holly Park Circle.

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