Bernalwood Resident Besieged By Rogue Dog Poop Issues Emergency SOS

The ideals of neighborliness, courtesy, and generous reciprocity are big themes here at Bernalwood. So it got our attention when reader Valerie emailed us to announce that she has been menaced by dog poop left behind by her neighbors’ canines. Valerie writes:

Here’s the skinny on the poop problem that I encounter on a daily basis.

While I am not a fan of the NIMBYers that seem to have popped up all over our fair Bernalwood, I have a legitimate NIMBY gripe.  You see, our backyard has literally become a toilet for the neighborhood dogs.  Since we live on the Esmeralda staircase, dogs and their owners stroll by in droves everyday on their way to and from the park at the top of the hill.

Please note, I love dogs — we have one of our own! — and I love that we live so close to a beautiful park that allows dogs to run off leash.  In fact that’s part of the reason we moved to Bernal in the first place.  But I’m rapidly losing patience with the people who do not pick up after their dogs.

We have what would amount to a “yard” on the side of our house, which abuts the staircase.  Not a day goes by that we don’t encounter a dog, off leash, that comes up the stairs sniffing around, getting ready to scout out a place to do their business.  Their human is usually many yards ahead or behind them, oblivious (or blissfully ignorant).  The dog does his thing, catches up to his owner and leaves us with a nice pile of pooh to either clean up or step in.  There are days when I have to pick up four or five piles of pooh (photo attached shows a fresh pile I came across this afternoon.)

It should also be noted that on our staircase, there are not one but TWO bag holders AND a public garbage can. The bag holders are rarely empty.  I’ve seen piles of dog poop NEXT to the overflowing container of bags.  Are you really so lazy that you can’t take two seconds to pick up after your dog??  As I’ve walked towards my house, I have seen people watch their dog poop in our yard and start to walk away. Only when they realize that it’s my house (and I’ve shot them the stink eye), do they fumble around looking in their pockets looking for a bag.  Ummm hello???  It’s not only the right thing to do, it is the law.

It’s things like this that make the city believe that all dogs should be leashed at all times.  I don’t want that for my dog or yours.   I beg of you Bernalites, have some common courtesy for your neighbors and pick up after your dog.  If you let your dog off-leash, watch where he goes and clean up after him!   If you don’t and I catch you, be prepared to find steaming piles of dog pooh on your front steps (I’m kidding… well maybe not…)

Photo: Courtesy of pooh-beseiged Valerie

8 thoughts on “Bernalwood Resident Besieged By Rogue Dog Poop Issues Emergency SOS

  1. Even better, if you’re picking up your own dogs poop and you are in sight of a pile that someone left, be a nice neighbour and pick that up too. It won’t kill you.

    I don’t own a dog and when I’m dogsitting, I do that because I love my neighbourhood and don’t want it to turn into a trash heap like other places I have lived in the city.

  2. I dont own a dog, but I own a house in Noe Valley and DAILY I have to clean up dog shit from lazy assed dog owners who use my landscaping and sidewalk as their personal dog toilet.


    lazy fucks.

  3. I too have had poop run ins with inconsiderate neighbors. We live at the end of a dead end street, some of the neighbors let their dogs run down and follow behind. One guy would stand at his door about eight houses up and watch his dogs. Well he had an elderly dog that couldn’t make it all the way to the grassy hillside and would drop his cargo in front of either my house or the next door neighbor. One day we were out there and we witnessed this most un-neighborly transgression. Hollering up to Max** (names changed to protect the guilty), hey buddy, your dog left a present on my sidewalk, how about coming down and cleaning it up? He smiled, waved and went into his home, closing his electric garage door behind him. And this was NOT the first time that this had occurred!
    What happened next is something I am not proud of. Not my most shining moment. I went and picked up the poop. Wearing a plastic bag on my hand of course. Then I waited. Until dark. That is when I made a little trip down the street. And left a poop message for my neighbor. A written message, in poop on his garage door. Last time I ever had to pick up after his dogs, in fact this was the last time anyone except Max** had to clean up after his dogs. Sometimes one must fight fire with fire….or in this case with poop!

  4. 1 single gram of dog waste can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria. Its unhealthy for dog owners to not pick up after their dog and against city ordinance. Its such a shame these people have no consideration for others. I think a healthy message would be putting up doggie waste bag dispensers and signs along Cortland and corridor streets such as Eugenia & Crescent?

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