Style Report: Chickens Are the New Black

After a surreal weekend that saw the story of Bernal’s Coca-Cola mural controversy land on the front page of Fox News and our Ski Bernalwood trail map land on the ABC World News, it’s time for us to keep it real by introducing a few new residents of Bernal Heights: Three chickens.

Living in a back yard near Crescent and Andover in Bernalwood, the chickens are named Notorious R.E.D., Checkers, and Garuda. And though they have exceptionally small brains, they are typical Bernal residents in that they have a stylish home, gourmet aspirations, and their own blog. The blog is called Yolk Tales, and it describes a typical day’s quest for fresh-laid eggs as follows:

I was opening up the coop this morning to fetch the newly laid egg, and Checkers darted out into the yard. With sleep in my eyes and my pajamas still on, I chased that little bird around the yard for a good five minutes before grabbing her and tossing her back into the run. I’m sure it would’ve been rather amusing had there been an audience. I love having the ladies roam around in the yard, but they get a taste of freedom and crave more and more. And they’re fast.

But not fast enough. The chickens are already producing eggs, and our sources tell us these homebrewed eggs pair nicely with Niman Ranch center-cut bacon:

Keep an eye on Yolk Tales for further developments.

Photos: Yolk Tales

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