Coming Soon: The Sad Coca-Cola Mural Cover-Up

While the City Planning Commission runs on bureaucratic autopilot and Supervisor David Campos thinks really, really, really hard about whether Bernalwood’s vintage Coca-Cola mural is worth saving, homeowner Richard Modolo is making plans to cover up the historic mural to avoid facing $100 daily fines.

The San Francisco Examiner reports:

After being notified last month that the billboard didn’t have an advertising permit from The City, Modolos was given 30 days to either remove the sign, apply for a permit or request a reconsideration notice.

But choosing the latter option would have required Modolos to pay $3,400 up front for the initial hearing and possible fees, according to the notice. “Just as I’m reading this thing, I’m thinking how can you possibly do anything,” Modolos said. “They’re making it so difficult.”

So Modolos opted to cover the sign for the time being. He said he’ll find out later this week if the department approved his plans.

Bernal Heights residents who support the billboard have expressed interest in seeking help from Supervisor David Campos, who represents the area, to protect it by creating a “historic sign district.”

Planning Commission vice president Ron Miguel said that although the sign isn’t currently legal, there are ways that it could be made legal. “Somehow, it’s got to be resolved,” Miguel said.

Ya think?

Bernalwood has been receiving regular updates from both Richard Modolo and the City Planning Department. Only Supervisor David Campos has yet to weigh in, and yet only he can now save the mural. But after two weeks of uncertainty and controversy, Campos has yet to declare a position. Apparently, this is a difficult decision, so he needs still more time to think about it…

Photo: Supervisor Campos, via Guillaume Paumier via Wikipedia

11 thoughts on “Coming Soon: The Sad Coca-Cola Mural Cover-Up

  1. I am sure David Campos is a nice person, but every time I have seen him in the neighborhood, but he looks likes a deer caught in headlights, and he seems to becoming another ineffectual politician entrenched in the status quo.

    This whole incident is pure folly, if someone went around the city and complained about every neighbors code violations, etc we would all be paying fines. If Supervisor Campos cannot end this foolish endeavor he should not represent our neighborhood.

  2. Sounds like we need to crowdfund the $3400 in application fees, no? Kickstarter?

    (Also, this could be good practice for funding the candidate that Campos will lose to in the next election.)

      • Seconded! I’ve been talking regularly with Richard Modolo, and he’s been saintly about the fees this entails — both in terms of City fees and legal expenses. When the time is right, a Kickstarter drive will be great. Ditto the beginnings of the District 9 Supervisor Election Fund.

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  4. This is a very easy opportunity for Campos to show that he cares about the whole district, not just lefty-ish causes. But somehow I doubt he will take it.

  5. So, since hope is not a plan, can someone please work with Mr. Modolos to suggest that he apply some sort of protective lacquer to the mural surface before covering it over? Something to make restoration possible when saner heads prevail.

  6. You know, I didn’t vote for Campos, having experienced trying to work with him when he was at the SFUSD. That being said, as a representative of Bernal Heights, it stands to reason that looking at the vast numbers of residents who have issued their support in keeping the sign up, a decision should be a no brainer . That is, if he at least reads the comments of the readers of the local papers and blogs. I can assume that letters going to his office are also in support. It looks as if there is quite a bit of “over-thinking” going on. Or perhaps he simply does not want to offend some of his supporters, so he not to make statements as to which side of the issue he may be leaning towards. I say, if there is a legal loophole to keep the sign up, let’s go for it. Then we can have dialogue about REAL issues plaguing Bernal Heights.

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