Your Ski Bernalwood Snow Report for Feb. 25, 2011

No Snow on 14 Limited

Notice the fresh tracks on 14 Limited at Ski Bernalwood

Wow. That was an intense storm that blew through early this morning. And when I went downstairs to make a cup of coffee, I noticed some snow(ish) accumulation in the back yard:


“If there’s snow(ish) here, there might even be fresh powder at altitude!” I exclaimed. So I piled into the Jeep, dropped it into 4WD, and set a course for Ski Bernalwood.

The lifts were running when I arrived, but conditions were still pretty extreme on the North Face:


It was a similar scene on the South Face, where the earlybirds had already tracked-out the cornice at Cornelio’s Folly:


By that point, my caffeine levels were dropping into the red zone, so I decided to head back home to recharge. Along the way, I noticed whitewater on Cesar Chavez, and a few of the local kayakers were out shooting the rapids on their way to work.


Those of you who bought season passes to Ski Bernalwood will want to keep those boards waxed and ready, because more storm activity is expected in the next 24 hours.

Photo: Telstar Logistics

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  1. Yeah, I got woken up at about 6:30 this morning by what sounded for all the world like someone through handfuls of pennies at my window. Hopped out of bed and it seemed to be some sort of an icy mix, but, alas, no snow no sirree.

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