Meanwhile, a Discussion About the Mural on the Bernal Heights Library

Bernal Heights Library

Great news! If you’ve enjoyed gnashing your teeth over the fate of Bernal’s historic Coca-Cola mural, you’ll be glad to know that you can also gnash your teeth during an upcoming series of meetings to discuss the future of the murals that cover the Bernal Heights Branch of the San Francisco Public Library.

Darcy Lee (of Heartfelt) wrote to Bernalwood to summarize the process:

There is a community meeting that will be held from 2-4 this Saturday at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center regarding the artwork that is going to replace the current mural on the Bernal library. This is after more than a year of negotiating different opinions on the future of the appearance of our beloved civic building. There are many members of our community who would love to see the mural restored, and others that would like new artwork, and others that would prefer none at all.

When the differences got heated and the Arts Commission and the Library Commission were not sure what to do, Supervisor Campos and some community members suggested that we form a group of members of the community to hash it out with the renowned facilitator Beth Roy (who happens to live in Bernal).

We reached a consensus, after hours of meetings week after week. Community Activist Mauricio Vela was an integral part of our process and we are sad to say he passed away.     We formed a task force out of the original group to deal with the next difficult part- raising money and choosing artists.   We are now holding community meetings with the artists to get the community’s voice.

Library Mural

The meetings will be held at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center on Saturday Feb. 28 from 2 to 4 pm and Tuesday, March 1 from 6 to 8 pm. More information and backstory at the Bernal Library Art Project website.

Photos by Telstar Logistics

9 thoughts on “Meanwhile, a Discussion About the Mural on the Bernal Heights Library

  1. Oh god, I can only imagine what a comical horror-show of multicultural do-gooder liberals, NIMBYs, and aged hippie preservationists (and at least one old lady, knitting) would show up for this. Worthy of a Christopher Guest movie, no doubt. Alas, I would rather…move to the suburbs.

  2. I’d love to see the front of the building restored to its depression-era glory and the sides painted by some of the many kick-ass graffiti artists in the neighborhood.

  3. Hey Todd – if you want some MORE mural drama – you’ll want to check out the epic legal battle going on at the Wild Side West between a flaky mural artist and an impatient bar owner. After bickering over deadlines the owners ended up whitewashing the mural and the artist is suing.

  4. Oh God, I can’t believe this project is going forward in the midst of the Great Recession. Of all the pointless things to blow money on. You’ve got a beautiful, architecturally significant building. Simply paint over the ridiculous old mural and let us enjoy the building. At the very least, confine the new mural to the back wall. What are you people thinking? Why not paint something on the ugly rec center instead.

  5. Is anybody here paying attention to proposed designs for the libary? They are truly awful. But
    what can you expect from a “consensus” committee whose primary focus was NOT to get
    quality art for the library but some notions of, well, you read their statements yourself. I agree
    with the two previous commentators, but alas the project is going forward unless enough energy
    is directed towards ending it. Opportunity to speak at the Library Commission 7/21 and again
    later with the Arts Commission.

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