Uppity Blogger Argues for La Lengua Autonomy, Admits to Expansionist Ambitions

Our friends at CurbedSF have posted a revealing interview with Burrito Justice, the chief spokesblogger and armchair insurrectionist for La Lengua, the uppity “microhood” that lies in the ambiguous flatlands at the foot of Bernal’s western slope.

Tell us something we don’t know about La Lengua? It’s not Bernal Heights. And it’s not the Outer Mission — that’s next to Daly City. And it’s not Noe Valley, despite all the strollers. La Lengua is like New Jersey or Korea — trapped between bigger and more famous neighbors, but scrappy, proud and resourceful as a result.

Bernalwood comes in for some impudent prodding, which we will haughtily tolerate as the kind of thing we must haughtily tolerate (because we are more glamorous):

Bernalwood is kind of a pain in the ass — while we are doomed by topography to live in their shadow (at least in the morning), we do like drinking with them at night.

But here’s the real news flash: The La Lengua Land Grab is not yet finished:

We are in an expansionist welcoming mood for huddled blocks yearning to be free — southern Mission, eastern Noe, western Bernal, give us a call.

Shocking! Paging Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon… please pick up the red crisis phone!

4 thoughts on “Uppity Blogger Argues for La Lengua Autonomy, Admits to Expansionist Ambitions

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