The New York Times Touts Our Local Purveyor of Perfect Food for Pampered Pets

Avedano's MeatsYou eat local. You eat slowly. You buy organic food. If all that is good for you, isn’t it reasonable to assume the same is true for your pet as well?

In the food section of Wednesday’s New York Times, writer Samantha Storey described the latest bourgeois-foodie obsession: Home-cooked food for dogs and cats.

And buried farther down in the story was a local wrinkle involving Bernal’s own Avedano’s Holly Park Market:

Since the fall, the butcher shops Marlow & Daughters in Brooklyn and Avedano’s Holly Park Market in San Francisco have been selling pet food made from grass-fed meat raised on nearby pastures. Melanie Eisemann, an owner at Avedano’s, said the store’s custom mix of ground meats, organs, vegetables, garlic, eggs, parsley and yogurt sells for $3.25 a pound. Avedano’s also reports a robust trade in marrow bones, many of them bought as snacks for dogs.

Ms. Eisemann said customers say that they like knowing the source of their meat, whether it will ultimately be served on the table or on the floor. Entering the pet food market has also been a boon for the business, since Avedano’s, like Marlow & Daughters, is a whole-animal butcher where no part of the beast goes to waste.

Hat tip: Noe Valley SF. Photo: Telstar Logistics

One thought on “The New York Times Touts Our Local Purveyor of Perfect Food for Pampered Pets

  1. I just take issue that my pet is pampered. Even if she has her own couch and loves the marrow bones from Avedanos

    I think she is lucky and possibly spoiled sometimes, but pampered? She is still a dog not a baby 😉

    Seriously though Avedanos kills it, they seriously rule, for people food and dog food, and the folks working there arevery nice and very helpful.

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