If It Snowed On Bernal Hill, I Would Bring My Powder Skis

Snow Towers

I was in Tahoe last weekend, teaching my daughter how to ski at Alpine Meadows. (Cuuuuuuuute!) While she was in ski school, I managed to sneak off for a few hours to make some turns with the grown-ups.

At the summit of Alpine, I saw this microwave tower, and I thought: “Wow, this is pretty much what Bernal Hill would look like if we got a big dump in San Francisco.” It was so easy to visualize.

I then commenced fantasizing about an epic powder run from the top of the hill down to my house on Precita. Mmmmmmmm.

I Love This View

Yes, yes… I know, it has snowed here before! Check out this view of the north slope after a dusting in 1882:

There wasn’t enough snow for a powder run, alas — even on rock skis. But as this photo makes clear, Bernal Hill is otherwise so skiable! Think snow, people. Also, think ski lift!

Photos: Alpine summit by Telstar Logistics. Bernal 1882, via Bernal History Project

5 thoughts on “If It Snowed On Bernal Hill, I Would Bring My Powder Skis

  1. I’m thinking a solid toboggan could take on the slipperiest rocks… or slick grass in spring. I still probably couldn’t keep up with my dog up there, though.

  2. I like Johnny O’s suggestion. I live very close to the top and think it would be grand to be able to hike up a block to a drink and nosh. In my backyard, please.

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