Paul Revere Principal Accepts Plea to Avoid Jail in DUI Incident

A sentence has been handed down in the DUI hit-and-run case of Sheila Milosky, the principal at Paul Revere School. The San Francisco Examiner reports:

The controversial principal of Paul Revere Elementary School in Bernal Heights was sentenced Tuesday to community service hours instead of jail time in connection with a DUI arrest last month in which she allegedly sideswiped two vehicles just south of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sheila Milosky pleaded no contest to two DUI counts Tuesday as part of a deal with prosecutors that will allow her to remain in school rather than behind bars. As part of the deal, prosecutors dismissed the hit-and-run charge.

Milosky was actually sentenced to 30 days in jail, but that time will be served wearing an orange vest while cleaning up around The City as part of the Sheriff’s Department’s alternative work program. She also will spend nine months in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

PHOTO: San Francisco Examiner

Paul Revere Principal Pleads Not Guilty in DUI

Here’s an update from the San Francisco Examiner on Shelia Milosky, the principal at Paul Revere School, who was arrested recently and charged with a DUI hit and run:

The principal at Paul Revere Elementary School in Bernal Heights pleaded not guilty Tuesday to misdemeanor DUI and hit-and-run charges after allegedly sideswiping two vehicles just south of the Golden Gate Bridge on May 12.

Sheila Milosky, a Mill Valley resident, did not attend Tuesday’s court hearing. Her attorney, Sam Ware, appeared on her behalf.

“If Ms. Milosky made a mistake here, she’s going to own up to it,” Ware said after the hearing, adding that he had only just received the prosecution’s evidence against his client. “If she did not make a mistake and some of the facts were not reported correctly, then we’re going to dispute it.”

PHOTO: Shelia Milosky via San Francisco Examiner file photo