Tomorrow: Dunk a Teacher at the Junipero Serra Elementary School International Carnival


Neighbor Kristen invites Bernalese of all ages to the Junipero Serra Elementary School International Carnival Celebration, happening tomorrow, Saturday, May 4, from 11 am to 3 pm at the school, on the southwest side of Holly Park:

This rockin’ event will feature a jumpy house, homemade food from our diverse parent population, a dunk tank so we can dunk our principal and various teachers, dancing, a beauty salon, games and an impressive raffle (drawing will be at 2 p.m., need not be present to win!). Come on down and support your local elementary school. 625 Holly Park Circle, Bernal Heights, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

It takes a village to raise our amazing students!

Fashionable Bernal Heights Mini-Citizens Shake Their Groove Things at Gala Community Celebration


It was quite the happening scene at the Bernal Rec Center on Saturday. The Junior Citizens of Bernalwood jumped, splashed, goat- and chicken-petted, munched, and rocked out as the Bernal Library’s new Cortland- and Moultrie-facing murals sparkled in the sun.

Among the musical guests were Jonathan Bayer, who duly kicked out the jams for kids and parents alike (despite an initial lack of amplification). For those who missed it, here’s a snippet of Bayer’s original “I Rhyme,” performed with Ben Chinn.

See if you can guess all the clever words you would have heard if only my phone hadn’t run out of space three seconds before the end of the song:

Saturday: A Kid-Friendly Bernal Heights Community Celebration Party


Miss Darcy from Heartfelt is spreading the word about a special event for the Junior Citizens of Bernalwood that’s happening on Saturday at the Bernal Rec Center behind the library:

The BBA and the Bernal Library Art Project task force are sponsoring a childrens event behind the library this Saturday March 16th from 11-3. Free Ice cream, hot dogs, face painting, miniature golf, a jumpy house, a fire truck, music, and lots of fun. We also just got word that Gregory Gavin is going to set up a Riveropolis!

Parents of Future Kindergartners, You Need a Drink! Drown Your Anxieties During ‘SFUS-D-Day’ at the Lucky Horseshoe

lottery.jittersAs the ides of March draw near, anyone planning to send their kid to public school in San Francisco is getting a bit nervous right about now. For those not in the know, the school district will soon tell parents which school their child will attend this fall. Might be a school you requested; might not be. You just don’t know.

But know this, parents: You are not alone. So line up those nanas, nannies, or sitters now, because you’re coming (we hope) to the all-too-aptly-named Lucky Horseshoe on Cortland to cele-miserate “SFUS-D-Day” on Thursday, March 14.

I am sure we do not have to remind you that this date is nominally the night before the district computer drops the fate of your future Einstein or Earhart into the mail with all the clatter and clang of a latter-day Linotype machine… and exactly as much empathy.

We’re hoping the good folks at the Horseshoe will offer a custom cocktail lineup featuring such classics-for-one-night as:

  • The First Choice Fizz (champagne, egg white, and Goldschläger)
  • The CTIPsy Gypsy (rose water and smokey scotch)
  • The Dual Immersion Bender (a jigger each of two bottles picked blind from the top shelf)
  • The Attendance Aria (shot of PBR dropped into half-pint of vodka)

…and perhaps some nonalcoholic counterparts as well. But whether it’s for the water or the whine, come on down and look your competition in the eye one last time as equals!

We’ll try to come up with a mechanism for gathering some anecdotal information from attendees, but this is really about forging a moment of defiant collective non-silence in the face of a dehumanizing and exhausting process that, for better and worse, is soon to come to… well, only the first of many notional endings.

WHERE: The Lucky Horseshoe, 453 Cortland Avenue

WHEN: After the kiddies are tucked in bed

WHO: Pre-K parents and those who love them

PHOTO: Aaron Ximm

Junior Science Team Explores Puddles at Precita Playground

Last weekend’s heavy rains were good new for flowers, foliage… and small children. During a lull in the rains on Saturday, Neighbor Kristen led a team of aspiring Bernal Heights scientists on a mission to the Precita Park playground:

Neighbors Max and Kennedy confirm that this morning’s Precita Park puddles meet toddler approval for depth and breadth.

As you can see, these junior researchers conducted their experiments very thoroughly:

PHOTOS: Neighbor Kristen

Ballot-Stuffers Wanted to Help Bernal Mini-Artist Win Library Card Design Contest

The San Francisco Public Library is holding a contest to crowdsource some new library card designs, and aspiring Bernal Heights artist Mia submitted the drawing shown above. Neighbor Julia writes:

You might be interested to know that a Bernal resident is one of the finalists in the SFPL library card design contest. Mia’s design is in the “2nd grade and under” category. Mia’s submission is called “Reading,” and if you are a Camp Mather regular, you might recognize the hammock scene.

Anyone with an email address can vote. My disclaimer: I’m biased, because I’m her mom. Here’s the link if you’d like to vote.

Saturday: A Halloween Party to Support Junipero Serra Elementary School

There’s a Halloween benefit party at Junipero Serra Elementary School on Saturday, and monsters of all ages are invited. Neighbor Kristen says:

We’re having a Howling Hill gig this Saturday! It’s going to be fantastic.  We’ve worked with the neighborhood to block off the front block of the school from Park to Highland. One of our new families actually owns a petting zoo and is bringing it!  We’ll have pony rides, a jumpy house, a costume contest being judged by our very own district family advocate Ramon Martinez, and a pet costume contest judged by Supervisor David Campos!  Chloe’s Closet, Heartfelt, Red Hill books and many others are sponsoring us, and will have tables of items for sale.   There’s also great food and a kick-ass raffle with 49er tickets as one of the prizes.

The fun happens between noon and 4 pm on Saturday October 27 at Junipero Serra just off fashionable Holly Park.