Neighborhood Businesses Invited to Join Bernal Business Alliance

A vintage sign for the Cortland Avenue Merchants Association c. 1940s. (Photo: Neighbor Darcy)

Neighbor Darcy Lee from the fabulous Heartfelt store on Cortland reached out to extend an invitation to other merchants and businessfolk around Bernal Heights to get involved with the Bernal Business Alliance. Neighbor Darcy writes:

When I first became a merchant on the Cortland corridor, I belonged to the Cortland Merchants Association.

We held long drawn out meetings at various locations along Cortland. I attended when I could, and I always hovered over thinking this could be better but not really having any solutions.

Over the years I have seen so many different versions of our group with many different folks entering the fray. There has been drama, personal battles, accomplishments and some wonderful strolls. I love our current incarnation.

Now called the Bernal Business Alliance, four of us (Lynn, Arno, Laurie and I) run the organization as a team. We’re friends, and all of us are deeply committed to our community. I encourage you to join if you run a business in Bernal.

If you’re already a member please pay your dues for 2018!  We have an updated vintage style map in the works that will be printed this year and your dues pay for this.

One thought on “Neighborhood Businesses Invited to Join Bernal Business Alliance

  1. It would be great if this group could consider ways to get city funds for helping to paint some storefronts, a public plaza, or even decorative treatments for the intersections. The eastern side of Cortland really lacks the nice feeling of the western side and feels completely disjointed.

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