Drone Video Captures Gorgeous Sunset and New Skyline From Bernal Hill

The weather outside has been eerily lovely for the last week or so; Warm, clear, and bathed in gorgeous California sunshine.

The sunsets have been exceptionally tasty as well. Luckily. Francois Brahic, a local drone jockey, filmed one of those sunset recently, as seen from the top of Bernal Hill.

It’s a lovely little moment in time that captures the colors of the sunset and our new skyline in a very beautiful way. Enjoy:

15 thoughts on “Drone Video Captures Gorgeous Sunset and New Skyline From Bernal Hill

  1. Hi 👋

    Does Pam Grout live in Bernal?

    I live on Bonview in Bernal and wonder if we are neighbors?


    Lynda Beth Unkeless

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  2. Does anyone else find these so called Drone Jockeys and the constant buzz from their aircraft extremely annoying? I want a remake of Bernaltown where the local kids storm the hill with homemade sling shots and shoot them all down with chunks of chert. The closing scene of the movie could be the neighbors once again enjoying a peaceful, calm and quiet sunset.

  3. This actually says only “No person shall launch nor land”, doesn’t say anything about flying over. That’s likely because the park can’t regulate that, only the FAA can.


    No person shall launch nor land any air-
    plane, helicopter, parachute, hang glider, hot air
    balloon, nor any other machine or apparatus of
    aviation in any park, nor shall any person bring
    into any park any balloon with a diameter of
    more than six feet or a gas capacity of more than
    115 cubic feet, without permission of the Recre-
    ation and Park Department. This Section shall
    not be applicable to a helicopter being used to
    transport persons or supplies because of an emer-
    gency situation. (Added by Ord. 603-81, App.

    So you can’t have large balloons either.

    Does this mean kites as well? A kite seems like it could be an “apparatus of
    aviation”? According to the Code of Federal Regulations, it’s illegal to fly a kite over 500′ in altitude


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