UPDATED: One Killed, One Wounded After Shooting in Southwest Bernal Heights

Police on the scene of the shooting on Richland at Lesse. Photo: Neighbor Chris

One person was killed and another wounded during a shooting near Richland Avenue and Leese Street in southwest Bernal Heights on Tuesday evening.

The gunfire erupted at 5:13 pm yesterday.

This morning, SFPD Ingleside Captain Jack Hart sent shared this with the Bernal community:

The shooting happened up at Leese and Park Streets and involved a couple who preliminarily appeared to be targeted by the perpetrator. Officers were on the block, heard the shots (nearly on-viewing the incident), and began rendering aid within seconds. Even though the suspect is outstanding, there is no reason to believe that residents or merchants are at any increased risk moving forward.

In an abundance of caution, our school car has been notified of the incident and are going to make their way over to [Bernal Heights] first thing in the morning to assuage fears and answer any questions.

I have a two and one-year-old myself, so these incidents are certainly matters of great concern. It’s also for these two reasons that I am up most of the time through the night. So, please don’t hesitate to reach out on email <Jack.Hart@sfgov.org> with any questions or concerns moving forward; I will promptly reply and do what I can to address them.

UPDATE, 26 January: The victim killed in the Jan 23 shooting was Duby Ortiz-Guardado, 20. The injured victim was a female. According to the San Francisco Examiner, the SFPD has made an arrest in the case:

Officer Robert Rueca, a San Francisco police spokesperson, said officers spotted a wanted vehicle around 2:34 p.m. near Alemany Boulevard and Regent Street. A pursuit began when the driver refused to stop for the officers. Rueca said police arrested the suspect when he pulled over near Laura Street and Huron Avenue.

Rueca would not say why the suspect was wanted, but a source with knowledge of the arrest told the San Francisco Examiner that the suspect was arrested in connection with a fatal shooting Tuesday.

17 thoughts on “UPDATED: One Killed, One Wounded After Shooting in Southwest Bernal Heights

  1. Thank you for reporting and updating this story. Very sad that someone was murdered. The area is usually a quiet one. Neighbors walk around there a lot; and at that time of day, people are walking home from work.

  2. This is messed up. I walk my kids to and from school through this intersection everyday.

    Does anyone know if this was a random act or if these people live in the area?

  3. My 5th grade kid took the city bus from school by himself for the first time yesterday. Right by there just two hours prior. This will be about 10 steps back for me in terms of elongating the kid’s leash! Not sure knowing if this was random or not will make that any better. Sigh. Raising kids, especially in the city……

  4. There is an update: Duby Ortiz-Guardado is the murder victim. They haven’t identified the woman. Anyone know if they lives in BH? SF gate says police caught the shooter near Mission street 2 days later. Wonder if any of these folks are “dreamers?”

    • Wow, it’s a dark world in your mind if you hear about a person getting murdered in our neighborhood, and your impulse is to then publicly dump on hundreds of thousands of people working hard to make a better life. I’m really glad I don’t know you.

      • Lesterian. I’m not dumping on anyone. Just wondering the legal status of people that are gunning other people down in front of my house. In broad daylight no less

        And the pleasure of not knowing you is all mine….

    • Wow, our own Trump-like spreader of inflammatory speculation designed to claim “I’m just asking…” as he spews racist nonsense. Of course we all know that criminals are ineligible for Dreamers status, have to meet strict background check standards (including criminal background checks!) among other other educational and work requirements. Jay, I was just wondering if your parents paid your way through life, because I once knew someone named Jay like that – I think it would be irresponsible not to wonder if you have earned your place in society on your own based on your name, or are just trading on family money, amiright? Or does your method only work in 1 direction?

      • Boy Amelia, you seem like the racist one making judgement on people you don’t even know. Are you saying the victim is a criminal just because he has a latino name? Or calling the alleged shooter a criminal for the same reason? Everyone, dreamers or otherwise are not criminal until they commit a crime. The question is what did either do to cause a wild west style shoot out in my front yard?

        Not sure what you are getting at or what my parents have to do with anything but since you asked they were legal immigrants who struggled most of their lives financially and left me nothing. From your white bread name and liberal guilt demeanor it is you who sounds like you came from some money and opportunity yet underachieved. Now are priced out of SF and blame everyone but yourself. Did I hit a nerve?

      • Lol, oh Jay…it must be hard to navigate the world with so much prejudice. If you weren’t being racist, what were you getting at by asking about the legal status of a homicide victim or criminal? If the shooter or victim had a white name you be talking about “dreamers?”

        If you’re going to be a racist, just own it. Don’t pretend that you weren’t being racist because you are ashamed. If you are ashamed of your racism, maybe you should reconsider your stance. Just a thought. PS: Amelia is like the least “white bread” name ever. Beth, on the other hand, is very white bread name…but this white girl knows a racist when she sees one

      • Jay – your reading comprehension isn’t very good, so I’ll make it simpler for you. You asked if the criminals were dreamers. I explained to you that criminals are ineligible for Dreamer status. Since you were drawing racist conclusions based on nothing but your own racist assumptions, I thought we should all see how you liked it to have baseless speculation directed at you. You didn’t like it. Maybe you should try living by the golden rule (look it up). Also, you are batting 0 on nerves.

        Peace to the victim. Hope they caught the correct suspects.

    • The fact that Jay is “just asking questions” about the potential Dreamer status of the victims and/or perps and the fact that Jay also voted for Trump is a COINCIDENCE. He is in no way implying that if we kicked out all the Dreamers this type of incident would never occur. No sir. That’s not the implication he’s making. And even if that was the implication, it’s definitely not racist to “ask questions.” Nope. Not at all.

  5. Two San Francisco men have been arrested in connection with a Bernal Heights shooting that left one man dead, police said.

    Oscar Guadron-Diaz, 18, and Jorge Howard, 19, were arrested Thursday on the unit block of Laura Street, police said.

    The shooting last Monday was reported at 5:11 p.m. near Leese Street and Richland Avenue, police said, where two victims were found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

    Duby Ortiz, a 20-year-old San Francisco resident, was treated for injuries but was pronounced dead at the hospital. The other victim, a 19-year-old woman, was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.


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