24 Muni Bus Collides With Truck on Cortland

A 24 Muni bus headed west on Cortland Avenue collided with a truck yesterday afternoon. No injuries were reported.

Neighbor Judy was on the scene to share this dispatch:

Your Bernalwood Prentiss Street correspondant is reporting big excitement on Cortland between Nevada/Prentiss/Banks St.

SF Muni #24 had a run-in with a small hauling truck on Cortland.

Ambulance/Fire arrived on the scene between 4:30/4:45. No one injured.

SFPD, SFMuni, and DPT were also on-site.

It was hard to get details, as police really didn’t want to be interrupted by my reporter questions. But neighbors indicated that the bus ran into the hauling truck. The front, right-hand side of the bus had significant damage. No injuries.

SF Muni teams were on location to turn around Muni buses headed up the hill from Bayshore. Cortland was impassable while the incident was being cleared.

PHOTOS: Top, courtesy of Neighbor Judy. Below, courtesy of @Mop_Head.

5 thoughts on “24 Muni Bus Collides With Truck on Cortland

  1. Nope, nice guesses!
    The bus driver was blinded by the sun coming up Cortland and clipped the rear corner of the parked truck.
    The truck was pushed forward and spun round, the front struck a tree.
    The momentum of the bus meant the rear of the truck spun more and in the process pushed the front of the bus the other side of the road.
    The truck was parked right outside our door and I took on traffic control until the bus company people arrived.

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