SFPD Begins Foot Patrols in Bernal Heights


Officers from the San Francisco Police Department have started foot patrols in Bernal Heights, says Capt. Joseph McFadden from SFPD’s Ingleside Station.

Via Neighbor Sarah, Bernal’s valiant volunteer crime correspondent, Bernalwood has learned that two officers have been permanently assigned to the new foot patrols, which began last weekend.

The Bernal foot patrols will be conducted by Officer Al Chan and Officer Kevin Endo, and Capt. McFadden encourages Bernal neighbors to get to know the officers. “Please stop them and say hello,” he says.

McFadden says new foot patrols will mainly focus on Cortland Avenue, but the officers can walk around the area if there are problems elsewhere.  Recently, neighbors have reported seeing SFPD foot patrols on Bernal Hill as well.

Capt. McFadden says he plans to add more foot patrol officers in Bernal Heights as more personnel are assigned to Ingelside Station.

PHOTO: Sara Bassett

10 thoughts on “SFPD Begins Foot Patrols in Bernal Heights

  1. This is great, but shouldn’t the headline say “resumes” instead of “begins”? There used to be foot patrols on Cortland quite often, but it has been a number of years since I’ve seen them. Not sure when they stopped, but this is certainly not the beginning of them.

  2. Great news! Thank you SFPD and all that made this happen! And please focus on the areas around the freeways, these are the worst.

  3. If you officers make it down the south hill to St. Mary’s Park, stop in for a cuppa (and a donut if you let me know in advance)….

  4. Given the increased amount of car break-ins (day and night) on both Hill parking lots and Blvd. any time up there is well spent.
    Better yet some undercover officers.

    • +1. It would also be great if they could walk the trails and check in on the folks camping out in the hidden corners of the Bernal Hill. These spots end up with lots of trash, belongings and who knows what left behind and it seems to be getting worse.

  5. One place your sure to find them “patrolling” is Martha’s coffee. I saw no less than 5 of SFPD’s finest at Martha’s on Cortland yesterday afternoon.

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