Spicy Bites Gets New Owner and New Raves from Bernal Neighbors

This article was written and reported by Nathan Falstreau from Hoodline.

Spicy Bite—the popular Bernal Heights Indian eatery at 3501 Mission (at Cortland) —has a new new owner and a slight name change. Now called Spicy Bites, former Dropbox Tuck Shop chef Tilak Gurung has taken over the helm.

The menu is extensive, with an array of options like paneer bhuna (cheese cubes with cashews, bell peppers, herbs and spices), channa saag (spinach with garbanzo beans in curry sauce), and lamb korma (boneless lamb in a creamy sauce topped with cashews).

Neighbor Laura, who lives down the street from the restaurant, alerted us to the change earlier this month. She said that while Gurung hasn’t made any changes to the menu, he’s revamped the interior.

But how’s the food? She tells Bernalwood:

It’s good!! The samosas have improved dramatically (the dough is better), and he suggested butter chicken for me. My friend is vegetarian so she had chana masala. We both had garlic naan. Everything was delicious!

Others have noticed the change as well.

“Change in ownership and therefore chef. Chef Tilak is on premises, and the food has gone up a few notches in taste for sure!” Todd M. wrote on Yelp.

Gurung also recommends items for guests to try that aren’t on the menu.

“Best Indian food in SF, don’t forget to ask for chaat which is not on the menu and try the butter chicken and biryani!” Ruchi Sanghvi wrote on Facebook.

PHOTO: Dinner at Spicy Bites, by Neighbor Laura

10 thoughts on “Spicy Bites Gets New Owner and New Raves from Bernal Neighbors

  1. Can others in the neighborhood please chime in as to their experience? Love Indian food but always thought this restaurant served slop.

  2. Their Chicken Tikka Masala and Lamb Kebab dishes are great. I do question the name change from Spicy Bite to Spicy Bites. The former is a way better. I drove by the day they were hanging up the new sign and figured that somebody must have goofed up at the sign shop.

  3. It’s where we usually get Indian take out food. Usually pretty yummy, though I didn’t like the malai kofta when I got it a couple months ago, too sweet.

    Otherwise everything else gets devoured, and their naan selection is pretty good.

  4. Our kids constantly want to go there if we are going to do the odd take-out night. Haven’t been since the change in ownership though. Saw the new sign but didn’t realize there was a change over until now.

  5. Long time Spicey Bite customer. Some basics were often a little disaapointing, but some they hit out of the park. Happy to here it’s under new ownership, sounds like it’s getting the small tweeks it needs. Come to think of it, I should probably get some toight.

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