New Stop Signs Coming to Eastern Side of Bernal Hill

Locations of new stop signs (Source Bernalwood)

As part of a long-planned effort to calm traffic and improve pedestrian safety on the eastern side of Bernal Hill, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is preparing to install new stop signs on Bernal Heights Boulevard, near the Vista Pointe Garden mini-park. The signs may be installed this week.

SFMTA transportation planner Patrick Golier explains:

In 2015 staff at the SFMTA legislated three stop signs and one additional crosswalk at the intersection of Bernal Heights Blvd and Carver Street. The intersection will be an all-way stop controlled intersection, and two curb bulbs will be constructed to shorten the crossing distance for pedestrians. The new crosswalk will be installed across the southbound approach of Bernal Heights Blvd, west of Bradford Street and north of Carver Street. The other existing crosswalk will be striped with high visibility crossing treatments.

We had been waiting to install the stop signs until after the curb bulb construction since the signs will ultimately be located on the curb bulbs. However we can install them in the short-term and move them once the bulbs are constructed.

In an update, SFMTA’s Golier adds that the new stop signs may be installed as soon as Tuesday, Aug. 22.

Hat Tip: Janet Kessler

13 thoughts on “New Stop Signs Coming to Eastern Side of Bernal Hill

    • no problem turning over a double yellow, from DMV website

      You may turn left across a single set of double yellow lines to enter or exit a driveway, make a U-turn, or into or out of a private road. Two sets of solid double yellow lines spaced 2 feet or more apart are considered a barrier.

  1. This will be an improvement.
    If only everyone stopped at the existing stop sign where cars going North on Bradford meet the stub of Bernal Heights Blvd.

    • I’m through there at least once a day for the last 10 years. I can’t recall a single time anyone has blown through that stop sign.

      • Agreed. People stop at the stop sign. What I can’t figure out is why there isn’t a stop sign the other way, coming up the hill (southbound) after a blind turn. I’ve seen a lot of near accidents because of that.

  2. This is nice, but really wish they would put a stop sign at the crosswalk where the park entrance is at the top of Folsom. There are a lot of pedestrians going to/from the park there and drivers frequently blow right through the crosswalk 😦

    • Drivers definitely need to slow down. The 15mph signs on bradford and BNB streets are not effective.

  3. Yay.
    But “vista pointe” is the worst park name ever. It’s like a suburban development. There’s one in Bakersfield, vista fenestra.

    • Word, and the irrigation running all over the sidewalk these past few weeks has been ridiculous. Those plants are established and should be off supplemental water. That whole site is a disappointing use of space.

  4. and may i just say, i am really loving the traffic calming effect the construction up there is having on the northern slope of folsom… for the first time in over a year, i feel i can safely back out of my driveway without having to wait 5 minutes!

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