BREAKING: Heavily Armed Police Raid Home on Anderson Street

Neighbor K. shared this photo captured at the scene as a police team raided a house on the 700 block of Anderson Street in Bernal Heights earlier today.

Neighbor K says the raid included “multiple armored vehicles, dogs, at least 15 officers in full gear.”

Neighbors at the scene said the raid was conducted by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), but this has not been confirmed.

UPDATE: According to ABC-7, the Anderson Street was likely part of an ATF operation that resulted in numerous arrests as part of an investigation focused on guns, stolen cars, drugs, and fences for stolen property.

10 thoughts on “BREAKING: Heavily Armed Police Raid Home on Anderson Street

  1. Hi Todd – I saw them this morning on my way to an appt. Definitely ATF was involved, and there were people outside in the street with handcuffs on. We’re trying to figure out which neighbor it is – we have a hunch.

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    • Thx for sharing, Diana & ‘Bernal Dweller’ too. Did anyone happen to see any law enforcement officers with ICE uniforms or accoutrements? Things seem to be heating up with the Sanctuary City stuff, & that makes me super nervous for our City’s residents & our neighbors who could get caught in the middle of any retaliatory efforts from our beloved 🤢🙄 president.

      I suspect I’m off base with ICE in these incidents, but had to ask. Thank you!

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