Sunday: Renegade Piano Recital to Materialize on Bernal Hill


It’s happening again. Just like that wonderful time a few years ago.

On the afternoon of Sunday, August 6, a piano will appear on the top of Bernal Hill. Carried up the hill by a team of meadow gnomes and musical sprites, the piano will be positioned with a commanding view of the San Francisco skyline.

Then people will arrive, and some of them will be talented musicians. The piano will play, and there will be music, and more people will gather around, and the scene will be lovely.  Like this:

… but maybe with more fog.  Hopefully not. But definitely maybe more fog.

Most importantly, you can be there too. To be part of it. Like a renegade.

PianFrancisco is a musical cabal that stages impromptu piano performances in improbable places around San Francisco. They materialized on Bernal Hill for the first time in 2015, and their events have since become a Thing that happens from time to time throughout the City. This Sunday, PianFrancisco is coming back to Bernal Hill.

The hush-hush communiqué Bernalwood received from the PianFrancisco cabal says:

Dearest Piano People,

We are pleased to announce the location of this Sunday’s PianFrancisco!

Wait for it… Wait for it…

Bernal Heights Park! Hooray!

As some of you know, we’ve held PianFrancisco here in years past. It’s a fabulous location, and the views from behind the piano are stunning. Plus we have some renowned local pianists joining us, including Allison Lovejoy and Dean Mermell. They will start playing at 3:30pm, so be sure to arrive by then!

Sunday, 8/6
Bernal Heights Park
San Francisco, CA

How to Find Us
There are lots of ways to access the park, but we recommend the entrance on the south side of the park at the very end of Bernal Heights Blvd (it dead ends). Just walk up the paved road toward “Sutrito Tower”, and you will find us just below the tower.

Other Stuff
Take a Lyft if you plan on drinking!
Don’t leave anything visible in your car. Seriously.
Take all your trash with you.

See ya Sunday!

Rest assured, Bernalwood is told the magical piano will also magically dematerialize from the Hill at the conclusion of the festivities.

Everyone else: You know what to do.

PHOTO: Top, 2013 renegade piano recital, on Bernal Hill, by paranoiddroid

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  1. It’s great that they’re going to take it away, too. It was a ridiculous waste of resources that the City had to bring in heavy equipment to move the first one away. That’s dumping. Every key was tagged and it was waiting to be pushed off the ledge up there. It was hard to be a fan of that iteration. Hopefully they clean up all the beer bottles, too. The hill is starting to look like Dolores park after warm weekends.

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