Saturday Morning: Join the Cleanup Party in Precita Park


When you look down at Precita Park from on high, it looks… Peaceful. Pristine. Like an urban oasis.

Actually, when you look at Precita Park from street level, it looks pretty damn awesome as well.

This is no accident. Precita Park looks so super-sexy in no small part because of all the hard work Neighbor Demece Garepis has done through the years under the auspices of Precita Valley Neighbors, the volunteer group she so valiantly leads.

Tomorrow morning, July 8, starting at 09:00, PVN is organizing a neighborly Precita Park cleanup — and it’s a great opportunity to give the park some of your love. Neighbor Demece says:

Hey Neighbors!

We’re having a Precita Park Clean-Up Party!

Just bring yourselves – tools, gloves, bags are provided. We’re going to clean Up Precita Park!

Saturday July 8th at 9:00a.m., meet in the Children’s Playground. Ridiculously fun neighbor mingling and old/new friendship provided! Lovely morning refreshments will also be provided.

And don’t be shy: tell your neighbors to get our emails by signing up for updates! It’s free and fun!

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  1. Please post it earlier next time, if possible. My family would go if we had more notice.

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