For Sale: The Most San Francisco Car in San Francisco (UPDATED)

Residents of northwest Bernal are familiar with the hand-painted Honda that’s often parked near the Coso Triangle; the car is a conspicuous landmark that celebrates our local sports teams, fandom, and San Francisco itself.

Now this rolling monument to San Francisco civic pride can be yours, because a sign on the window says it’s for sale. According to the cashier at Precita Market — a friendly gent who is also the vehicle’s authorized sales agent — the car is owned by a nearby neighbor and can be had for $1500, very negotiable.

Beneath all that amazing paint lies a 1990 Honda Accord with straight bodywork and a 2.2L engine. It appears to be bone-stock, apart from the custom paint job, and a quick peek at the interior revealed it to be in good condition.

You might consider purchasing this vehicle as a daily driver. Or, after a proper buffing and polishing, it would also be rather exquisite on display under tasteful lighting at your favorite folk art, automotive, or sports memorabilia museum.  Your choice.

UPDATE: June 24, 2017  Price cut! According  to the signs on the window, the most San Francisco car in San Francisco can now be had for the LeMons-friendly price of just $500. What a value!

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5 thoughts on “For Sale: The Most San Francisco Car in San Francisco (UPDATED)

  1. got rid of a 1990 accord in early 2016. the car qualifies for the state smog/air polluter/cash for clunkers buyback program. $1000 if smog passed;$500 if failed.

  2. It’s funny how it’s always taken as uncontested wisdom that we are all part of a homogenized team unit; that all of us are lock-step, fawning sports fans.
    Not so.
    Only 63 % of Americans are sports fans. (and only half of women) So the other 37% of us San Franciscans might not think of this car as being “The Most” San Francisco….at all. We might prefer images of hills and ocean and fog; or flower-power daisies and victorian facades; or motherboards and rectangular touch screens. Pick your pop esthetic. Pick ’em all.
    This has always been a town that celebrates its renegades and non-conformists; they’ve kept our civic DNA vibrant and resilient. And by our natures, we self-reliant types are content to stand by, doing our groovy thing, with a tolerant and bemused expression as the herd trots by; you don’t see us needing the rest of you to pick sides and be Just Like Us; attavistic tribalism isn’t our bag.
    But just this once….I say….Sports Dissentients speak up! Buck the smug tyranny of the sports majority. Eschew the waving of Big Brother’s team colors. Point out the garish conformity of the tiresome, shallow Binary.
    And then…….smile and refocus on your personal, visionary horizon as you resume your singular, vibing path of self-realization. And maybe go out and paint your car.

  3. The car is going for $500 to any machanic who wants it for parts. Or anyone this im the owner of the car 😊

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