Bernal Artist Turns Graphic Design Into Peaceful Protest


Bernal Neighbor Hope Meng is is putting her design skills to work political change. She tells Bernalwood:

Wanted to let you know about my own little protest happening over here on unassuming Banks Street.

I’m a graphic designer living, working, and raising my kids with Bernal Hill as my backyard. For the past 2 years, I’ve been working on a personal passion called Monogram Project. It’s a slightly insane typography exercise to draw every combination of 2 letters possible with our 26-letter alphabet.

Following the absolutely heartbreaking results of the 2016 election, it suddenly became clear to me what this project wanted to be: my own form of peaceful resistance. I launched on Inauguration Day. ALL proceeds for the next 4 years (please let it be only 4 years) will be donated to organizations that work to ensure our civil liberties and protect the equality of all people. I’ll choose a different worthy organization each quarter and announce it on my website.

I am taking my broken heart and I am making it into art.


IMAGES: Courtesy of Hope Meng

9 thoughts on “Bernal Artist Turns Graphic Design Into Peaceful Protest

  1. Very impressive, and a big thank you for sharing. It’s the sort of excellence in design that I’ve missed in SF. I’m a retired Art professor, having taught at Northeastern IL Univ. in Chicago before moving to SF in 1981.

  2. Proud to live in the same hood as you Hope! Thanks BW for an inspiring story, keeps the fires burning in these challenging times.

  3. lovely work Hope, the FU is particularly fitting 🙂 I’m also a graphic designer in Bernal, love this neighborhood.

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