Yay! We Can Now Get Tartine Bread at Epicurean Trader


You may have had a hard time getting tickets to go see “Hamilton” here in San Francisco, but on the bright side, it’ll soon be a lot easier to get the amazingly heavenly sublime bread produced by Tartine Bakery, right here in Bernal Heights.

Starting this weekend, Epicurean Trader at 401 Cortland (@Bennington) will begin receiving regular shipments of Tartine’s bread, delivered fresh from the oven to Bernal.

Neighbor Holly from the Epicurean Trader tells Bernalwood:

We’ve partnered with San Francisco’s Tartine Bakery to sell their loaves. We will be the first and only store outside of their own bakery that they will allow to sell it.

If you’re not familiar with Tartine, they’re considered one of the best bakeries in the country (known especially for their bread) and have won many industry awards, including the highly coveted James Beard Award.

To start out, Tartine will deliver the loaves fresh (literally straight from their ovens) at 11am each Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. There will be limited supply, so people will need to come early, however, we will accept pre-orders in-store if someone wants to be guaranteed a loaf.

We’d like get to seven days a week for these deliveries, so if demand is strong (which I hope it will be!), we’ll quickly ramp to a daily offering.

We plan to launch with the following loaves: Country Loaf, Whole Wheat Sesame, Oat Porridge and the Sprouted Rye. These loaves are HUGE! Excellent value really for the size, quality of the grains and craftsmanship.

Also, for those that are worried about missing out each week (let’s be honest, it’s going to happen…), we’re setting up a weekly subscription option whereby you are guaranteed a loaf (or loaves) each week with pick up available on your choice of Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Weekly subscribers will be invoiced monthly (vs. each pick-up) to keep everything moving quickly.

PHOTO: Tartine bread, courtesy of The Epicurean Trader

18 thoughts on “Yay! We Can Now Get Tartine Bread at Epicurean Trader

    • Hi Donna, Mat here from The Epicurean Trader. The Country Loaf is actually $9.99 and weights 3lbs! The only one that costs $13.99 is the Sprouted Rye, which is packed full of sprouted rye, sunflower seed, whole brown flaxseed, unhulled brown sesame seed, and pumpkin seed and is as dense as a brick!

      Sure, it’s more expensive that the large production bread at supermarkets, but these loaves are twice the size and very ‘wet’, which means it has a much longer shelf life. Plus, the quality of the ingredients are incomparable.

      Apologies for any mis-information about the loaves costing $13.99.

      Regards, Mat

  1. I was about to say, Now THIS is good news. But at $14/loaf, no thanks. They’re large but not 2.5-3 loaves’ worth of large.

    • At cipincus100, we are charging the same as Tartine does at their bakery. There will be no price difference.

      I think there was some mis-information about us charging $14. We will charge $9.99 per loaf for their flagship bread.

      Regards, Mat

      • Thanks, Mat. Wish I could delete my comment. I love Tartine Bread and can’t wait. I’ll spread the word.

  2. Thank you, Mat and Holly! You are wonderful neighbors and business owners and we are so lucky to have you in the community. I don’t think I’ve ever entered your store without being greeted by one of your warm smiles. Don’t mind the haters and keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

  3. absolutely. THe bread costs what it costs, and you can pay it or not. The Trader, I’m sure, is doing the best they can to make the bread available to us at the most affordable price. I myself have never had so much as a taste of Tartine bread and I am eager to try it and support the business that’s local to my home. Thank you, Mat and Holly, for being such gracious and enthusiastic business owners and for creating a store that has such a consistently great vibe. You’ll be seeing me one of these weekends, for sure…guess I’ll have to get up early to get in line but so be it!

  4. Yea, that sprouted rye is a beast of a loaf. I had no idea that it cost that much, but as I think about it, it’s worth it. My husband and I were gifted a loaf and it lasted a long time. A thick slice is a meal.

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