New York Times Deems Bernal Heights Idyllic (But Expensive)


Over the weekend, the online Real Estate section of the New York Times published a big profile of this neighborhood we call home. Under the headline “Bernal Heights, San Francisco: An Inclusive Village With Lofty Prices,” NYT writer Julie Lasky says:

Bernal Heights has the ambience of a village, with small shops, public bulletin boards papered over with notices and even a wild coyote whose welfare many in the community fuss over. But some Bernalese declare themselves ambivalent about the San Francisco real estate boom that has put their once-humble neighborhood out of reach to many.

Ms. Burdman, 50, an advertising executive who lives in the house on Bonview Street with her teenage daughter, said, “I’m happy by how our houses have appreciated, but it’s changed the character of the neighborhood.”

Kristin Hofso, an owner of Bernal Hill Realty in Bernal Heights, acknowledged that the community has grown more affluent, with the average price of a single-family house rising from $800,000 in 2012 to just under $1.4 million this year. “But it’s remained progressive, racially diverse, with some vibrant artists and many independent businesses,” she said. In her experience, newcomers seek out those aspects before any particular property. “I’ve sold real estate here for 25 years,” she said, “and almost all the buyers who come to us say, ‘We want to live in Bernal.’”

So how just spendy is Bernal Heights real estate these days? The Times says “as of Dec. 8 the median sales price of a single-family residence in Bernal Heights was $1,400,000, an increase of 7.6 percent over a 12-month period, based on 151 sales. The median price of a condominium was $1,011,000, a decrease of 7.5 percent over the same period, based on 23 transactions.”

We’re fortunate to be here.

5 thoughts on “New York Times Deems Bernal Heights Idyllic (But Expensive)

  1. I was born in San Francisco and my Grandmother lived here too. The prices in my Bernal Heights -all neighborhoods across the City- make me sick to my stomach. Average citizens of various strips cannot afford to live in my family’s beautiful City. Primarily, I think the Tech companies and the Millennial salaries have created this situation. It’s all so frustrating. The progressive 10% is pushing everybody else out of town. Woopie!

  2. According to the Times, Bernal Heights is “bounded by… Mission Street to the west,” which will come as news to some realtors and businesses.

  3. Three houses on Nevada St., newly over-refurbished, have not sold in months! They remain empty as no one can stomach the price tags. I offer that for whatever one wishes to make of it…..

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