In Praise of Musical Friday Nights at Charlie’s Cafe



Charlie’s Cafe on the corner of Folsom and Precita on the west end of Precita Park is a neighborhood institution. Normally it’s a laid-back daytime coffee shop and deli, but on Friday nights Charlie stays open late to host live music.

Tonight, Friday, December 2, Charlie’s will play host to the Trance Mission Duo, a musical collaboration by Beth Custer and Steven Kerrit.

Neighbor Mary is a Friday Night regular at Charlie’s, and she shared this summary of the scene:

It’s becoming a tradition: For years when Charlie’s, the cafe on Folsom and Precita, holds musical events, neighbors come in droves, steam up the windows, crowd the doorway, spill out onto the corner, and peer into the windows if they can’t get in.

The warmth of Charlie’s Cafe brings a special sense ofbelonging to all of us in these dismal post election days. It’s an exceedingly bright spot on the dark north side of the hill.

The lights are bright food is hot, the music is from nieghbors who show off mighty talent. Yes, Paul Griffiths and Beth Custer, neighbors you have greeted over the years, or just know by face (or by dog) have hefty portfolios of music behind them and are well known original talents. You will be amazed.

Children abound and bound around, and there’s plenty of crayons to color with) as yummy plates of Steak Tacos pass under your nose.

You can come fill up on food at the friendliest place in town and hang with your neighbor friends.

Or you can stay home and watch the news.

3 thoughts on “In Praise of Musical Friday Nights at Charlie’s Cafe

  1. Charlies Café is an oasis in a very strange world, the way he makes it home for everybody ! I’m so happy to be able to still come there from time to time, despite living here in Denmark ! greetings from a guy who consider BH as one of my homes, having lived there for half a year, a whole year or just a few weeks and always feel at home !

  2. Bernalwood

    We are two long time Bernal residents who walk our dog on Bernal Hill almost every day. We were at the meeting to discuss creating a permanent memorial for Alex Nieto, and had a totally different impression of the event than the reporters who posted in Bernalwood on December 1st.
    For us, the meeting was full of heart, passion, and huge enthusiasm for the memorial. Everyone seemed totally positive and hopeful about the ideas presented. There was also a lot of pain in the room, but it felt like a supportive and healing atmosphere. The supervisors were helpful and compassionate. The SFAC woman was respectful and gave good information. The man who let the cheer of “amor, amor” was fantastic and sweet. The great feeing of diverse communities coming together made for a beautiful evening.
    Our favorite idea was to make Bernal Hll into “Parque Alex Neito.” What a great, big, wonderful monument that would be.
    When we walk on Bernal Hill we always find the memorial that is there now, made by the family and community, so touching and sweet. Sometimes Alex’s father is there, or a group that knew him. We all share hugs and the memorial only adds to the beauty on the hill.
    We do hope some supportive people go to City Hall Monday with the Neitos and Alex’s friends. Dec. 4th to further discuss the memorial with officials.

    Amor! Amor!
    Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle.

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