Good Morning Bernal Heights!


If (heaven forbid) you happened to live in Noe Valley, and if (just if) you happened to be up at sunrise this morning, and if (lucky you) you happened to have a rockstar view of Bernal Hill, then this is what you might have seen this morning as you looked out your window.

Christopher Baker is a Friend of Bernalwood who happens to meet all of these criteria, with the added bonus that he’s also a wonderful photographer. So here you go: Bernal Hill, at sunrise this morning, as seen from Noe and 28th.  Thank you Christopher!

Also: Damn we’re sexy.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Christopher Baker

3 thoughts on “Good Morning Bernal Heights!

  1. Beautiful picture. I’m struck by the towers of St Paul’s in the foreground. Their loud bells sounded throughout the neighborhood and was a strong reminder to get home for dinner at 6 pm especially during the dark winter days.
    The sound of the “bells, bells, bells, bells,/ bells, bells, bells… to the ringing and the singing of the bells.”
    Thanks, Edgar Allan Poe
    Pat O’Brien

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