Bernal Monsters of All Ages Welcome on Cortland for Halloween


Neighbor Darcy from the fabulous Heartfelt store invites all Bernalese and Junior Bernalese to come stroll and be costumed  for Halloween on Cortland Avenue, this Monday, October 31.

Neighbor Darcy says:

Halloween seems extra special on Cortland this year, because Fiesta on the Hill is taking a break to regroup.

Halloween is a traditional night for all of us in the neighborhood to get together and show off our creative side, or just put on a hat or mask and collect a few sweets. Trick or treating for the wee ones begins around 5 o’clock.

Please advise your kids:

  • Cortland Avenue is NOT closed. Do not cross in the middle of the block. Please use crosswalks.
  • Trick or treat with a group. Kids often go to Heartfelt if they are lost and we call their folks.
  • We have asked for extra SFPD officers that night from Ingleside.
  • Remain on well-lit streets and only go up to homes with outdoor lights on.
  • Have fun!

PS: As you stroll on Monday, please share photos of your favorite costumes with us! Send them to bernalwood *at* Thanks!

PHOTO: Goldilocks and the 3 Bears on Cortland Ave, 2013

3 thoughts on “Bernal Monsters of All Ages Welcome on Cortland for Halloween

  1. I am glad to hear that Bernal Heights is continuing or reviving the custom of having kids and families gather on Cortland Avenue to celebrate Halloween. I recall doing this in the early forties as a kid and was delighted with the many who showed up that night and the up-beat spirit the celebration had for the neighborhood. Glad you are inviting Ingleside police to be available; I’m grateful that they were never needed in “the old days.”

  2. I’m assuming there is a Halloween stroll this year for 2017? Would you mind sharing the info on the listserve if you have it? Thanks!

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