Bernal Parent Beaten at Coleridge Mini-Park

A Bernal Heights parent was beaten on Wednesday night after trying to quiet a disturbance at the Coleridge Mini-Park.

A neighbor who lives near the park tells Bernalwood:

It happened Wednesday night. A couple of people (two men, one women) were hanging in the Coleridge Mini-Park. They got into a heated and loud argument between themselves. A neighbor came out and asked them to please keep it down because he was trying to put his kids to bed.

They stopped fighting with each other and started on him – screaming that this was the Mission and if he didn’t like it, he could get out, who the hell was he to tell them what to do, blah, blah, blah.

They stepped up to him and pushed him and then it went from there. Called 911 three times because it was really starting to escalate – it was three on one – they didn’t seem to be in a huge rush to get there (was told four cars were en route – only saw one initially, a second rolled up a bit later) – none had the sirens on, just the lights.

Went out to give the cops a statement as a witness and they told the neighbor that if he wanted to press charges, then the group would be involved as well (“because that’s how it works”) and he can deal with this going through the court system for the “next year or so.” They essentially discouraged them from pursuing any charges.

Honestly this was the first issue we had seen since the light had been installed. Ironically enough, we had just said to the neighbor’s wife (the one who was assaulted) that afternoon how nice it was to have the lights in the park and how much quieter it had been. I guess we jinxed it.

PHOTO: Coleridge Mini-Park, Sept. 2016

24 thoughts on “Bernal Parent Beaten at Coleridge Mini-Park

  1. Seems like violence has been escalating all over the city and unfortunately also spilling in our neighborhood. What are the thoughts of those residents that have been here more than a few years? Also, it doesn’t seem like the city politics have any interest in stopping this type of violence either.

  2. So the dad was beaten? What happened there, is he in the hospital? Is he okay? Were they armed? 3 on 1 sounds horrible.

    • He’s fine. He held his own against the three, but it still shouldn’t have happened. He’s at least 2.5 x older than those people.

  3. There is a definite problem in this mini park-
    Several young people (teenagers?) hanging out-drinking, leaving beer bottles and cans behind and being very loud. I just moved here and I am very disappointed to be fearful of going to this park. When I first discovered it-I was delighted to find this little oasis of peace and quiet right in my new neighborhood. What can we do? Hand this park over to the thugs? Or something else?

  4. We go to the minipark sometimes on the weekend (during the day).

    Unfortunately i find it a little sketchy all the time. I think the bushes and relative privacy they offer over the benches that are there are a big part of the problem. There’s always someone there sitting on them when we go.

    Either (peacefully) enjoying a joint or (mostly peacefully) in a stupor – but there are oddballs half the time too who i would characterize as, “unpredictable.” There’s a guy who stashes his duffle bag of stuff in the bushes up there sometimes too. It’s not a place i like to bring my kids.

  5. The first thing to do is make a citizens arrest on the perps. People will not alter their behavior unless they’re held accountable. Yes, it will get dragged through the system, but not for a year, especially a misdemeanor. Collect statements from all witnesses. Either that, or condone the behavior. People like that rely on there not being any consequences. In the words of many “make hoods your own.” (Sic)

  6. Citizen’s arrest. This is awesome. I hope there’s camera for when John Wayne here goes to try to save us.

    • Funny Josh. A citizens arrest should ideally be made in the presence of a police officer. If the officer wasn’t present at the time of the incident this usually the case. I wouldn’t recommend anyone attempt to physically detain a suspect.

  7. As a long time resident and former activist the kind of behavior at the mini-park is not new, however the frequency and intensity is. It seems partly to be generated by the social and perceived wealth differences of newcomers brought here by the real estate “boom” and younger residents who see themselves as possessing considerably less (and having little opportunity to get beyond their circumstances). Recent police policies seem to make things worse. I had an event in my driveway which was first poo-pooed by the 911 agent as a street fight. The police came about 45 minutes later and didn’t even interview me. By then the shrieking parties had fled.The next morning when more police were called by another neighbor it emerged that something akin to a kidnapping had occurred. So, we can all look forward to more adjustments in the future.

    • These types are not residents. Just passing through, ruining whatever neighborhood they choose to hang out in.

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  9. I am the parent who told those dumbasses to quiet down .
    It sounds so dramatic that I was beaten…
    It was 3 on 1 ….
    I felt I did pretty good and definitely was holding back.
    I’m kind of glad it happened since it gave me a chance to assess my skills.
    I’m no longer going to hold back, especially when it involves my family.
    I think they got the worst end of the stick too.
    Also don’t think that they’ll be back.

    • I hope you’re right-about them not coming back. Maybe if several of we neighbors visited the park, en mass, regularly -it wouldn’t be so attractive to the people who are up to no good
      Glad to hear you’re okay.

    • Seems like a good way to get stabbed or shot. I bet your family would prefer you leave if it escalates.

    • Good work – it’s unfortunate that other neighbors did not jump in to even the odds.

      When physically provoked and especially if outnumbered, you do not need to hold back. You’re not going to be damaging anything of value.

  10. first of all..never confront angry people no matter what the age (remember what happens when someone messes w/you when you’re already pissed?) second, that park lit or dark is a place for anyone to hang out so if u think it’s being used by people who exhibit bad behavior maybe u need to gather there for several weeknights and see what happens.
    also although it may be frustrating, i think the cops were simply letting u know the truth about what will happen if u pursue legal action, thereby leaving it up to u to go forward.

    • So, your message: we shouldn’t confront people causing trouble, and we shouldn’t be surprised at all when the cops don’t confront them either.

      Well, that’s comforting! Attitudes like this are what cause otherwise sensible people to do rash things, like vote for Republicans.

      • I don’ like being bullied. I still believe if a group of neighbors got together to meet at the park regularly, it would make the park far less desirable to those who aren’t there to enjoy the view and peaceful atmosphere. And a bonus would be the opportunity to meet our Bernal neighbors-young and old. After all-the park is there for everyone. Who’s in? Who wants to give in to a few bullies?

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  12. It really seems like the mini park needs a sprinkler system for its sidewalks, which the nearby neighbors could activate from their property. It’s good to keep sidewalks clean and well irrigated.

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