Neighbors Rejoice as Safety Streetlight (Finally) Installed at Coleridge Mini-Park

It took a lot of emails, a ton of phone calls, a bunch of meetings, and a lot of nagging, but a group of very persistent Bernal Heights Neighbors  finally managed to get a streetlight installed next to the lovely Coleridge Mini-Park. Their hope has been that a streetlight would help deter the nighttime carousing and petty crime that’s been a persistent problem for the park’s neighbors — and so far that seems to be working out as planned.

Neighbor Valerie writes:

A quick update on the status of the Coleridge Mini Park.

We had tried for years to get improved lighting in the park to help deter the drug dealers/users, parties and occasional overnight guests that hung out there. We, and our neighbors, were literally calling the cops to come out and check on things at least several times per week.

However, last spring, our efforts finally paid off. With a lot of assistance from Josh Arce [D9 Supervisor candidate] and Carolyn Goossen [Supervisor David Campos’s legislative aide], the right people at the City were finally corralled and a new light was installed in June.

Since that time, I don’t think there have been any issues that have required police intervention — we’d actually be curious to know if it’s possible to run a report on the number of time the SFPD had to come out to check on things in the park over the same time period over the past two years. I’d be shocked if it hasn’t dropped dramatically.

As you can see, the park is now well-lit and the Parks Dept comes out at least once a week to maintain it (Seriously – a huge shoutout to Rec and Park – they really do a great job keeping it clean!)

The new light really has made a big difference our the quality of life here on Coleridge St.

Nice work, persistent neighbors!

PHOTO: Neighbor Valerie

6 thoughts on “Neighbors Rejoice as Safety Streetlight (Finally) Installed at Coleridge Mini-Park

  1. Thank you Joshua Arce!
    I’m excited to see all of the great things like this that you’ll get done once you’re elected to Supervisor.
    We need a leader like you that can work with others and think of creative new ways to get things done.

  2. The bulbs in the streetlights along the north end of Holladay Avenue have recently been upgraded and the area is now significantly brighter at night. A big thanks to DPW and Hillary Ronen for helping out with that!

    Now let’s keep moving forward with doing something productive with the Caltrans right-of-way.

  3. Funny how times change. When electric streetlights were first installed in cities people rebelled against them and sometimes even shot them out. Why? They felt they were intrusive. They didn’t want the government spying on them and their activities at night!

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