Stroller Lady Is Actually a Bernal Heights Package Thief


A neighbor on Bennington Street captured footage of a woman using a stroller to cart off pilfered delivery packages. The neighbor writes:

Saturday morning a woman wearing a pink hat and pushing a stroller stole a package from my front door at 7:22 am. From the video cameras it appeared as though she was strolling down Bennington Street scoping out the houses to see what she could steal.

Subsequent photos show Stroller Lady exploring the front stoop:


… and grabbing the box:


Bernal neighbors should be on the lookout for Stroller Lady, and please contact SFPD Ingleside at (415) 404-4000 if you see her in action.

18 thoughts on “Stroller Lady Is Actually a Bernal Heights Package Thief

  1. These sorts of crimes are making me crazy. What with the car break-ins, the wheel/tire thefts, the willingness of those to steal things from peoples backyards…and now, to add to others who have been stealing packages from doorsteps, a woman “strolling” for and grabbing your deliveries!?! What is going on in Bernal Heights? My own personal experience with the police in regard to these sorts of crimes (ours were car break-ins, two vehicles in a two week time span with an arrest the second time) is limited to taking a report and basically telling me the DA probably won’t prosecute. I have a new home alarm system, am thinking of adding audible alarms to the existing theft protection on mine and my husbands cars (which are parked on the street), and signing up for Doorman delivery service. We have dogs that like to bark, and will likely add a camera as well as motion sensing lights on our front porch and off the side of our house. Whew! I honestly did not have to do all of this when I lived in the Mission, which wasn’t the best of neighborhoods. I find having to do all of this to protect my property quite necessary, but having grown up in Bernal Heights, I also find it over the top. Wasn’t like this for me growing up here several decades ago. Very disgruntling…

    • I also had a package stolen that same morning on Highland Ave. near Bennington. I had a look around on nearby streets and found a few ripped open packages addressed to Park street and Bocanna locations. If you are missing packages on this day, in this part of Bernal, this is likely what happened to them. Sad state of affairs.

  2. She lives in the tents near farmers market I see her everyday on my way to work they have a disgusting mess, i live on OGDEN st on the lower side of bernal near cortland I have 9 security cameras, sensor lights, alarm system, and the sad reality is that doesn’t stop them, 3 weeks ago someone broke into my car and stole my nephews cars seats and stroller his school backpack I clearly have them on camara and police said they can’t do much if the D.A won’t press charges, WTF…. It’s really retarded if I have them on camara and still NOTHING cause it’s a misdemeanor, I don’t have time and money to go out buy new car seats for 2 kids and a Bugaboo stroller that I saved up for. These a**holes just come steal HARD earned money, items just because they CHOOSE to be in a tent and not get a job isn’t fair I work 2 jobs and Im sick of these farmers market weirdos police do nothing to get them out they have human poop and garbage all over and police will not help.

    • It does seem that camera and/or video footage doesn’t help to arrest someone. I’ve heard many say that. What was the reason given to you?

    • Mills, I saw this woman today. Just as you had said, part of the dwellers under the freeway by the Alemany Farmers Market. Terrible that the police/DA can’t or won’t do anything. Hiding in plain sight. SMH…

      • I have made numerous reports to INGLESIDE, DPW sent emails calls and nothing, they are stealing electricity from the light poles they have dirty syringes broken meth pipes and human S**T all over. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a tent HATER ii actually know every single person who lives under the Cesar Chavez and bayshore bridge, my aunt her daughter my dads cousins and my cousins live there and they, so I’m very compassionate about homeless but these a**holes f**k it up for all the good people. Today I met a gentlemen names Leo he lives in a white chevy suburban at the farmers market he use to be a R. Nurse and he has 4 kids he sadly had a bad divorce that made him depressed and give up but he’s so sweet I showed him the picture of the package thief and he said that police do nothing they have fought them ripping up packages and mail and looking through windows and they don’t say anything to them. That’s just really stupid SFPD does nothing they just don’t want to do the extra paper work and look the other way I learned the hard way iF your security cameras are NOT registered with the city And your don’t have a siticker letting people know u have cameras, alarms you can’t press charges if they are arrested because they didn’t know they where being recorded WTF** the lower part of Bernal heights is getting hit hard, I talked to my neighbor who has a daycare and she said that she had to put camaras and lights and deadbolt locks and a metal door gate because she had so many packages stolen she had the person on camara and police said they can site and release the thief because the amount didn’t exceed over 10,000 so it’s no use for them to try and do the paper work when they get released in a few days . She has not one but 6 different woman/men trying to steal cars break windows she calls police and she said they NEVER SHOW UP. …. sorry for venting but I’m sick and tiered of my packaged and windows and items being stolen by jerks who choose to be on drugs and not have a job.

    • Milla, this is very bad news. Your “rant” is based on a very real frustration with the system. I totally understand. We do what law enforcement asks us to do, yet we encounter absurd obstacles.I actually didn’t know cameras and alarms need to be registered (I assume my alarm system is, because it is monitored by a large company, but I need to verify that.) I did see the story of this particular package theft on TV, but it seems it won’t change much of anything. And I will probably see this woman on Alemany again, as I come home from work, since the police don’t regard the theft, or any theft, as a big deal. I too am weary of the lack of concern and dismissive attitude of the crime occurring in Bernal Heights. The residents here care, go through great trouble to protect themselves, and watch out for their neighbors, yet we don’t receive the backup from law enforcement that we should. Very disappointing.

  3. here’s an idea…stop getting deliveries. or make arrangements for the delivery to be left someplace safe. this problem will disappear if there’s nothing to steal. it’s a terrible thing to feel violated,
    but as Bob Dylan once said “when u ain’t got nothin u got nothin to loose”

    • Not free. Nothing is free. Some of us here can afford the additional expense and trouble, but how many of those who have been victimized also can? In my starving student days, it never occurred to me to steal other peoples stuff… Perhaps that’s an unfair equivalency., but just sayin’….

  4. Folks, neighbor from Portola here. (incident/video was posted on the Portola’s NextDoor site) A neighbor just recently had video of a thief stealing power tools/construction from neighbor’s yard, very clear video showed thief AND HIS LICENSE PLATE and car very clearly..police did **nothing** . Neighbor went to new media and they picked it up and put on news. So.. will taking this to the media help? They may well be interested esp. if a lot of neighbors are in on the complaint!

    • If only we had a Supervisor who cared to assist constituents. Amazing that it occurs to nobody to call the supervisor’s office, since we all know there would be no response.

  5. I have a business behind the farmers market. They set up camp, we call the cops clear them out, They come back and the process starts over again. I clean the street in front of my place of business myself. The city will not. Dirty needles, condoms, dog poop, human poop and Mike’s hard lemonade cans from Leo’s girlfriend. I used to be ok with then until they set up house right in front of my place and would get drunk and litter to their hearts content and use the fence as a toilet. They moved into the parking lot itself or park on Tompkins now after I told them I would call SFPD on them. I’ll call to have the abandoned vehicles removed. I’m a pretty “live and let live” kind of guy, but I work too hard and have spent most of my life’s savings on opening my business to tolerate people camping less than 10 feet from my front door and using the surrounding area as a bathroom and a trash can. Do I feel sorry for them? You bet. They’re down on their luck. But I have to stick up for myself and do what’s best for me and mine with or without help from the city government agencies.

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