Join the Gang Biking From Bernal to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass on Saturday


Live in Bernal? Love to bike? Hate traffic? Heading to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in Golden Gate Park on Saturday?

If you nodded vigorously to all the above, then you’re in luck, because there’s a convoy of bikes departing from Precita Park on Saturday morning, October 1, and you’re invited to join the pedal posse.

Neighbor Lauren says:

Greetings from Precitaville!

I wanted to alert you to a fun, free bike ride to Hardly Strictly that I’m leading this Saturday morning. This is an easy, kid- and family-friendly, slow rolling bike ride meeting at 9am in Precita Park and departing at 9:30 sharp, All are welcome, so please feel free to shout it from the hilltops!

We’ll make stops in the Mission and Duboce Triangle to pick up additional riders on our mostly flat, 6-mile ride. We should get to Hellman Hollow around 10:40, giving folks time to valet check or lock up their bikes before the music starts at 11am.

I ask that participants wear helmets and can arrange for free loaners if needed – interested parties should e-mail no later than Friday morning to coordinate.p.s. Here’s the approximate itinerary including “train stations” and route details:

  • 9am, gather in “Bernal Flats” (as I like to call it), on the west side of Precita Park, at Folsom and Precita
  • Precita Park is our first station.
  • 9:30am sharp, depart Precita Park, heading west to Valencia Street
  • Approx 9:45am, arrive at the Deeplet parklet, on Valencia between 20th and 21st Streets
  • Deeplet Parklet is our second station.
  • No earlier than 9:50am (i.e., arrive by 9:50 to join us here), depart the Deeplet, cycling north and west to the Wiggle
  • Approx 10:05am, arrive to the east side of Duboce Park, at Steiner and Hermann
  • Duboce Park is our third station.
  • No earlier than 10:10am, depart Duboce Park, wiggling along to the panhandle
  • Approx 10:40am, arrive at Hellman Hollow 11am, bluegrass commences

PHOTO: Courtesy of Neighbor Lauren

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  1. Thanks for posting, Todd! And folks, don’t be frightened by the photo from the hilly part of Folsom. We’ll be cruising in the flatlands 🙂

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