Video Shows Perpetrator of Sunday Brass Knuckles Assault


There was an brazen, daytime assault on Mission Street (near Valencia) in Bernal Heights on Sunday afternoon , and it appears to have been unprovoked. Evan Sernoffsky from the SFGate reports:

Police in San Francisco are on the hunt for a assailant with brass knuckles who cold-cocked a 36-year-old man on a sidewalk Sunday in the city’s Mission Bernal neighborhood.

The attacker, described as a man in his 20s, walked up to the victim around 4:25 p.m. on the sidewalk on the 3200 block of Mission Street near the Knockout bar, police and a witness said.

Armed with a fist-full of brass knuckles, the assailant began wailing on the victim, leaving him pummeled and unconscious at the scene.

A witness who saw the brutal beating said the attacker hit the victim three-to-five times before passersby intervened and called 911.

Bernalwood has obtained security camera video that shows the perpetrator assaulting the victim.  GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: The following footage is violent and disturbing:

If you recognize the perpetrator, or have any information that could lead to his identification and arrest, please contact SFPD’s Ingleside Station at (415) 404-4000

9 thoughts on “Video Shows Perpetrator of Sunday Brass Knuckles Assault

  1. Am I mistaken or does the perp also take something away, after the beating, that the victim was holding?

  2. Hi Todd, do you have more info than the article re: the attack being unprovoked or the victim being unknown to the perp?
    How is it possible that the city doesn’t have CCTV on Mission street?

    • Because the progressives are against CCTV and fought it tooth and nail when it was proposed.

  3. It does not seem like it was a random attack to me. I bet the victim knows who it is or had an altercation with the Perpetrator. Normally, people don’t walk around with brass knuckles unless they are preparing to target someone.

    • @SFLover normal people don’t ever walk around with brass knuckles on their hands. I wouldn’t jump to conclusions on random beatings, I’ve been assault while inside a restaurant in the mission by some random off the street who saw me in the window and was off his rocker. This stuff does happen, with some frequency sadly.

  4. Thanks Bernalwood for letting us know about this. Scary. Thank you to whomever called for help. Thats what we can take away from this, is when there is violence, to use our cell phones immediately. And watch out for each other. Hope the victim’s recovery from this attack is fast.

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