ALERT! Neighbor Amos Goldbaum’s “Interceptor” Work Vehicle Has Been Stolen

Well, this sucks.

Amos Goldbaum is a wonderful Bernal artist whose work we have celebrated here often. Neighbor Amos grew up here, and he still lives in Precitaville, and he earns much of his income by selling t-shirts of his work at street fairs and events around the city. To do that, he uses an old parking enforcement Interceptor as his work vehicle to carry merchandise from Bernal to sites around town.

Until now. Neighbor Amos says his Interceptor was stolen yesterday.

There have been a few reported sightings of the vehicle, but if you see it, please tweet Amos with a location, or contact the SFPD at(415) 553-0123.  Grrrrr.

3 thoughts on “ALERT! Neighbor Amos Goldbaum’s “Interceptor” Work Vehicle Has Been Stolen

  1. How fast can police Ford Interceptors intercept Amos’ Go-4 Interceptor, if police Interceptors can intercept Interceptors?


    We live in a beautiful neighborhood and yet *anything* left outside is not safe. The Interceptor brought a smile to my face everytime I saw it (when I realized it wasnt parking enforcement). I wish your vehicle a safe return, and much fury towards the people that took it.

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