Lovely Timelapse Video Captures Karl the Fog from Bernal Hill


Fogust is here, which means Karl the Fog is gleefully having his way with us. So while the rest of America is complaining about the heat, we have the great luxury of complaining about the cold.

Jamie Kruse recently got a new GoPro, and he decided to experiment with it by shooting a sexy little timelapse video on Bernal Hill:

It’s frigid up on that hill. Next time I’m bringing something warm to drink and a little more patience 😉

Jamie suffered so you can watch from the warmth and comfort of wherever you happen to be.  Enjoy:

5 thoughts on “Lovely Timelapse Video Captures Karl the Fog from Bernal Hill

  1. As a 61 year old SF native who loves the fog — who started the horrible “Karl” thing and when will it stop?

    • Morgan, why the antipathy toward Karl? I love having the anthropomorism, it makes his presence more personal and affectionate. If you don’t like it, well then just call it fog.

      • “his” presence — yikes I hadn’t thought of that. Now it’s worse 🙂 (but please, Karla would be just as bad!)

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