Watch Our Coyote Neighbor Play with a Ball on Bernal Hill


Oh hey. Did your dog lose a ball on the southestern side of Bernal Hill? Because the Bernal Coyote found one — and had a lot of fun with it.

During one of his recent early-morning dog walks, Neighbor Rally filmed the Bernal Coyote mid-frolic, as the critter played with a ball. Just watch:

So cute! Just as a reminder: Please read these expert tips on how to co-exist sustainably with our Neighbor Coyote, to ensure we can enjoy his/her company for many moons to come.

VIDEO: Courtesy of Neighbor Rally

11 thoughts on “Watch Our Coyote Neighbor Play with a Ball on Bernal Hill

  1. What a happy doggie! Wish he’d come down to Bradford Street and eliminate our rodent problem.

  2. Wow! I’ve watched the video at least five times now. What a joy it is to see one of our happy coyotes frolicking. Thank you, Neighbor Rally, for capturing & sharing. (And Todd, too!)

    • Correction: Not “one of our coyotes,” but “that one coyote.” I did read the excellent “Tips on how to Coexist with our Neighbor Coyote,” and see that we seem to just have the one “loner” Neighbor Coyote. I hope that others take Todd’s advice and read the essay on coexisting, if they’ve not yet. I was quite taken aback by some of the past comments calling for removal or even killing the coyote, buying into their “vicious” nature and the idea that one coyote is a risk to all of us, human, pet, etc.

      I grew up in a suburban environment that also had quite a few coyotes. It was orange grove territory in So Cal, at the base of the San Bernardino mountains. Yes, they ate pet cats. It was taken for granted that if you had a free-roaming cat, it was the cost of doing business if you lived close to the orange groves or fields nearest the mountains. I knew several people who lost cats, some more than one over a lifetime, incl my stepmother who lived with her family for many years in an area with coyotes. They never had trouble with the family dog, nor did I personally hear stories about problems with dogs. I believe that the coyotes’ food sources were relatively abundant at that time and I don’t recall ever laying eyes on one. (I did see a couple mountain lions while visiting the mountains over the years.) In the late 70’s/early 80’s the ethos “live & let live” extended to the coyotes. I like to think that all my Bernal neighbors will extend that same courtesy to our wild neighbor & not get caught up in the drama of it all.

  3. This neighborhood must a truly exceptional one if that coyote can frolic and thrive in it. So far we have listened to our rational angels and we now get treated to a spectacle that urbanites rarely get to see…. Huzzah, Bernal Heights!

    • Truly a happy camper. Watch your pets though. He was seen running down Bradford Street broad daylight.

  4. Wonderful! I saw the coyote playing with a ball on that same part of the hill last week sometime- I wonder if it was the same exact time. So glad to see him having some fun- I worry about him finding enough water to drink and being able to get enough to eat, although that hill is loaded with gophers. Hope he survives.

  5. How totally delightful! I’m glad he is having fun all by himself. I wonder if he’d ever seen a ball before. extra added attraction in that video is the presence of that weird bush/shrub/tree-like thing that grows on the hill.

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