Tonight: First Anniversary Celebration at the Old Bus Tavern


Wow. It’s been a year already!

Tonight, Monday, Aug. 1, the critically acclaimed and positively delightful Old Bus Tavern at 3193 Mission (@ Valencia) celebrates its first year in business . Co-owner Bennet Buchanan brings news about the festivities:

Opening a neighborhood restaurant/brewery has allowed us to meet so many cool people in this city, many of whom live right here in Bernal. Also, despite all the warnings, we’ve learned that it is in fact possible to go into business with your best friends and remain as close as ever.

We want to invite all our neighbors to our combined Old Bus Tavern’s First Anniversary + Jerry Day Party on Monday, August 1st. We’ll be open from 5-10pm with live, Grateful Dead-inspired music from The Incubators (regulars at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael) from 6-9pm.

We’re going to offer the following Dead-inspired menu:

  • Grateful Bread………Buckwheat Cornbread with salted honey-miso butter and chives
  • (Green and) Brown-Eyed Women………Marinated Olives with rosemary, garlic and lemon zest
  • New Potato Caboose………Steak Fries with beef salt and garlic aioli
  • Fire on the Mountain………spicy Chili with pequin
    The Pizza Tapes………Cherry Tomato Salad with brioche, burrata and charred pepper vinaigrette
  • Just Noodlin’………Spaetzel with brassicas, maitake mushrooms, whole grain mustard cream and Aztec Fuji apples
  • Homemade Cherry Garcia Ice Cream Sundae………slightly “Sugaree”

PHOTO: From left, Old Bus Tavern partners (and still friends) John Zirinsky, Jimmy Simpson, and Bennett Buchanan. Courtesy of Old Bus Tavern.

3 thoughts on “Tonight: First Anniversary Celebration at the Old Bus Tavern

  1. Well played with the nod to Jerry and the Dead. See ya there ya hippies!!
    And congrats on the anniversary!

  2. Yet another restaurant with a trendy and expensive menu. When will it all end? I’m happy that the Lafayette Cafe managed a successful move from Hyde to Larkin and managed to keep its old menu and most of its prices. I’m also happy that some new places such as Hippie Thai on Haight and Masonic manage to have excellent food in plentiful amounts at reasonable prices. But Old Bus? Not on my list.

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