Thieves Smash Healthy Spirits Door to Steal Cash Register


Grrrrrrrr. Rami from Healthy Spirits tells Bernalwood:

Healthy Spirits located at 249 Cortland Ave  was broken into at 5:30 AM this morning. Two robbers broke the glass on the front door and entered the shop. They stole the cash register with the small sum of money and proceeded to exit. Thankfully the damage was only financial and no one was hurt in anyway.

PHOTO: Smashed door, via Healthy Spirits

10 thoughts on “Thieves Smash Healthy Spirits Door to Steal Cash Register

  1. Not being a criminal, I am confused about why to take just the register and not the thousands, upon thousands, of dollars of booze sitting right there? Is it to get a lesser sentence if caught? To get away quick? Or how the hell would one sell $300 bottles of whiskey/mezcal on the black market? Probably a combo of all these factors and more. Sad really, glad nobody was hurt and the store can carry on.

    One of the most confusing things is that somebody actually went into the store and did not get some of the World’s Best Hummus!!! Terrible decision IMHO

    • An excellent point, that points to more a crime of opportunity than anything planned. Can’t carry more than one or two bottles if you’re on foot.

    • If there are “thousands and thousands of dollars” of liquor there (I have no idea since I’ve never set foot in the store) it behooves the owner to put in some real barrier such as a security gate. Those glass front doors are so easy to break that some have been known to break simply by being slammed.

    • There isn’t any real resale value in booze. Not to mention how easily it could be tracked back to this robbery.

  2. Hi Todd

    Didn’t see any posts about the death of Lurilla Harris who was a Bernal Figure and neighbor. She was editor of the New Bernal Journal in the 1980s, outspoken, involved/activist and very smart. I missed the original news story about her being hit and killed by the paratransit bus she had just exited.

    Longer term residents and possibly library or BHNC staff could add more. I’m sure Buck Bagot remembers her.

    She lived on Putnam near Tompkins.

    A memorable resident of Bernal.

    Nancy O’Brien


    • Hi, Nancy,

      Some Bernal neighbors have been working on an obit of Lurilla and we’re hoping to have something to share on Bernalwood soon. She was indeed one of a kind!

  3. We had the same kind of break in when we were running Chuck’s Store there. Some jackasses smashed the window by the door and just ran out with the whole register.

    • This is why smart business owners empty the cash drawer and leave it open while the business is closed.

  4. I suspect they didn’t practice leaving the cash drawer empty and open when closing shop for the night. A pharmacist I worked for long ago told me that’s the way to prevent thieves from doing such things. I though this was a “given” for any business.

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