Save the Date: The 2016 Bernal Heights Hillwide Garage Sale Happens August 13


An important announcement for people with overstuffed garages or storage spaces AND the craphounds treasure-seekers who love them: The Bernal Heights Hillwide Garage Sale happens on Saturday August 13 this year, and registration is open now.

Neighbor Michael is co-wrangling the Hillwide Garage Sale this year, and he shares these details: is now live and ready to accept registrations for the great garage sale of 2016 that will take place on Saturday, 13-August from 9a-2p.

Hillwide has become a San Francisco tradition, and the best way for our Hillbabies to unload their crap, clear their clutter, and otherwise rightsize their lives both for cash and existential bliss.

The Hillwide is arguably the largest and most famous single day garage sale in San Francisco. Last year, we had over 150 garages participating and we raised over $3,000 for the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, strictly from map registrations. This year, our goal is to beat that like a vintage rug from grandma’s earthquake cottage.

New this year, we have a contest for the most impressive garage sale presentation judged by Bernal’s very own Emperor Norton! Perhaps you have a band accompanying your sale, or disco themed sale complete with laser show and disco ball. Maybe you and your staff are all dressed up in costumes or selling your goods on the moon. Whatever it is, it should be festive and oh so Bernal. More info at

If you’ve been hankering for a cleansing, drink a kale juice smoothie and clean out the deepest corners of your garage, basement, bonus room or creepy storage place.

Register your treasure trove to get on the Hillwide map and make your donation to the BHNC at

Then just open your garage door on Saturday, 13-August, put on some funky grooves and pour yourself a mimosa (or two) – cos Hillwide is on!

The Hillwide elves will promote the event across the city and bring the masses to your doorstep. But you have to register for the masses to find you.

Please contact if you have any questions!

Michael Minson
Head Elf

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