Newfangled App Will Deliver Healthy Spirits Booze by Bicycle


Such are the wonders of modern life that you can now use an app on your futuristic smartphone to have exotic spirits delivered to your glamorous home by Healthy Spirits, the esteemed boozemonger on Cortland.  Eli Rodriguez, manager of the Healthy Spirits store on Cortland, tells Bernalwood:

Hope this message finds you in good spirits. We have a new service we’re providing the neighborhood, in partnership with Postmates. We made a menu of some of our most popular products available via the Postmates App (or website).

In addition, we now deliver via Uber, so customers can call us for a recommendation or request and we can get it to them easy-peazy.

We’re one of the only stores Postmates and Uber have partnered with for booze delivery, and we’re pretty excited about it. Here’s a link to the Postmates Menu and if Bernalwood readers are new to Postmates they can get a $10 delivery credit with the password healthy.

ILLUSTRATION: An ET-powered booze delivery bicycle sails over Bernal Hill, courtesy of Healthy Spirits and Postmates

4 thoughts on “Newfangled App Will Deliver Healthy Spirits Booze by Bicycle

  1. Went to try this service tonight… $46.99 + tax for a bottle of Eagle Rare?!? Think it would be cheaper to catch a taxi to Bevmo! The only people using this service will be people that come home after a few too many cocktails at Holy Water and are too drunk to realize the markups!

  2. Wow, I remember when Rami first opened his store at 15th and Castro *almost* 20 years ago. My roommates and I were thrilled with the great selection of goods and his charming personality. Of course, back in my 20’s, I mostly bought vodka and ice cream from him. But, it was very good vodka and ice cream. I’m happy to see him doing so well.

  3. Tried the service over the weekend to test out the technology. $46.49 + Tax for a bottle of Eagle Rare?!? I think I’d prefer to just walk to my local booze store thanks and same the $20 in upcharges and fees.

  4. Perhaps Healthy Spirits would consider hiring a local delivery person. I have an electric bike (New Wheel!) and some free hours in the evenings. Price for customers would definitely be cheaper than Postmates.

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