Wild Kingdom: Videos of Coyote vs. Snake Battle on Bernal Hill


Late last night, your Bernalwood editor saw a coyote ambling down the middle of the road as I was driving along the south side of Bernal Hill.  He seemed very comfortable there.  But that’s nothing compared to what a few Bernal neighbors saw on Monday morning around the same location: An epic battle between a coyote and a snake.

Here’s an amazing video of the battle, shared by Neighbor Santiago:

Neighbor Bruce saw it too, from a slightly different angle. He says:

We came upon the Bernal Coyote (or he came upon us) just after 9am on Monday morning, on Bernal Heights Blvd., close to the stairs that descend to Gates St.

Here’s a video of the coyote hunting a mid-morning snake snack. It’s little bit of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom right here in Bernal!

4 thoughts on “Wild Kingdom: Videos of Coyote vs. Snake Battle on Bernal Hill

  1. Coyote’s gotta eat, but is there any way we can get them to work together and chomp on some rats and mice instead?

  2. Pretty neat videos of nature in action. If these were shot with cell phone cameras, I would really like to thank and applaud the videographers for properly turning the phone to portrait mode!

    • Or is it landscape mode?? Whichever one half of the internet does incorrectly…..don’t do that

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